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Hyphenation fold age
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In a poker game, the pile of cards that are no longer in use because a player has folded his hand Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Foldage

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The word "foldage" in example sentences

All rights of pasture, shack, and foldage were to be extinguished on all lands in the village. ❋ Unknown (1893)

Wymondham impleads William de Calthorp for interfering with his foldage at Burnham; Calthorp replying that the Prior had no right to foldage, and that he (Calthorp) had the right to pull the fold down. ❋ Augustus Jessopp (1868)

Bunwell, Berryhall, in Eltingham, a manor in Bichamwell, and Cawston's manor in Cornard Parva, with the lands, commonages, and foldage aforesaid. ❋ Unknown (1812)

[Put] your [cards] in the foldage ❋ Antz83 (2006)

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What does foldage mean?

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