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What do we mean by folium?

A thin, leaflike layer or stratum occurring especially in metamorphic rock. noun

A plane cubic curve having a single loop, a node, and two ends asymptotic to the same line. noun

A leaf; a lamina; a lamella; a layer. noun

In geometry, a loop, being a part of a curve terminated at both ends by the same node. noun

A leaf, esp. a thin leaf or plate. noun

A curve of the third order, consisting of two infinite branches, which have a common asymptote. The curve has a double point, and a leaf-shaped loop; whence the name. Its equation is x3 + y3 = axy. noun

A leaf, especially a thin leaf or plate. noun

A curve of the third order, consisting of two infinite branches having a common asymptote. The curve has a double point, and a leaf-shaped loop. noun

A thin layer or stratum of (especially metamorphic) rock noun

A leaf, especially a thin leaf or plate.

A curve of the third order, consisting of two infinite branches having a common asymptote. The curve has a double point, and a leaf-shaped loop.

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The word "folium" in example sentences

You have got a distinct notion, I hope, of leaf-crystals; and you see the sort of look they have: you can easily remember that 'folium' is Latin for a leaf, and that the separate flakes of mica, or any other such stones, are called ❋ John Ruskin (1859)

Et venit ad eum columba tempore vespertimo, et ecce, folium olivae raptum erat in ore ejus, et cognovit Noah quod extenuatae essent aquae ❋ 1509-1564 (1996)

The plants most limited were Papaveracea, Aconitum folium aconitoideum, ❋ William Griffith (N/A)

The _folium_ and _uentus_ images of the present line are found together at Prop II ix 33-35 'non sic incerto mutantur flamine Syrtes,/nec folia hiberno tam tremefacta Noto,/quam cito feminea non constat foedus in ira'. ❋ 43 BC-18? Ovid (N/A)

"Dicunt aquilam quum in altum volare voluerit ut prospiciat rerum naturas lactucoe sylvaticoe folium evellere et succo ejus sibi oculos tangere, et maximam inde claritudinem accipere." ❋ William Thomas Fernie (N/A)

The superior vermis is subdivided from before backward into the lingula, the lobulus centralis, the monticulus and the folium vermis, and each of these, with the exception of the lingula, is continuous with the corresponding parts of the hemispheres—the lobulus centralis with the alæ, the monticulus with the quadrangular lobules, and the folium vermis with the superior semilunar lobules. ❋ Unknown (1918)

Hence, in sections carried across the folium the arborescence is broad and expanded; whereas in those which are parallel to the long axis of the folium, the arborescence, like the cell itself, is seen in profile, and is limited to a narrow area. ❋ Unknown (1918)

The horizontal branch passes backward to the folium vermis, greatly diminished in size in consequence of having given off large secondary branches; one, from its upper surface, ascends to the clivus monticuli; the others descend, and enter the lobes in the inferior vermis, viz., the tuber vermis, the pyramid, the uvula, and the nodule. ❋ Unknown (1918)

—The folium vermis (folium cacuminis; cacuminal lobe) is a short, narrow, concealed band at the posterior extremity of the vermis, consisting apparently of a single folium, but in reality marked on its upper and under surfaces by secondary fissures. ❋ Unknown (1918)

The cells are flattened in a direction transverse to the long axis of the folium, and thus appear broad in sections carried across the folium, and fusiform in sections parallel to the long axis of the folium. ❋ Unknown (1918)

The superior semilunar lobules and the folium vermis form the lobus semilunaris. ❋ Unknown (1918)

This arborescence is not circular, but, like the cell, is flattened at right angles to the long axis of the folium; in other words, it does not resemble a round bush, but has been aptly compared by Obersteiner to the branches of a fruit tree trained against a trellis or a wall. ❋ Unknown (1918)

Hence originates our term "leaves" of a book which in the Latin form folium has also given us the modern term folio. ❋ Unknown (1904)

I should like you to recollect this phrase in the Vulgate -- "folium ejus non defluet" -- shall not fall _away_, -- that is to say, shall not fall so as to leave any visible bareness in winter time, but {41} only that others may come up in its place, and the tree be always green. ❋ John Ruskin (1859)

Folia radicalia in specimine unico viso defuere; ramos subtendentia abbreviata, vagina aperta ipsum folium superante; floralia subspathiformia sed foliacea nec membranacea. ❋ Charles Sturt (1832)

SWAINSONA (grandiflora) suffruticosa pubescens, foliis 8-10-jugis inexpansis incano-tomentosis; foliolis oblongis obtusis retusisve: adultis semiglabratis: rachi subincana, racemo multifloro folium superante, bracteolis lanceato-linearibus acutis aequantibus tubum calycis albo lanati quinque fidi: laciniis acutissimis longitudine fere tubi, vexillo bicalloso. ❋ Charles Sturt (1832)

Folia ramorum alterna, diametro unciali, trinervia; petiolo folium subaequanti, basi in stipulam subscariosam adnatam dilatato. ❋ Charles Sturt (1832)

CASSIA (Sturtii), tomentoso-incana, foliis 4-jugis foliolis lanceolato-linearibus planis: glandula depressa inter par infimum, racemo corymboso paucifloro cum pedunculo suo folium paulo superante v. aequante, calyce tomentoso. ❋ Charles Sturt (1832)

IVIantuanum, quae primum folium, & plufquam dimidiam faciem redam secun - di occupat: ei fubjicitur Poctae vita, eodeni Puteolano audore, qua recenfentur ❋ Unknown (1794)

Namque illic pofuic folium, et fua templa facraviC Mens animi: banc circum coihint, denfoqae fernotur Agmine notitix, fimulacraque tennia remm: ❋ Unknown (1794)

I went to see Folium at the [Gezellig] in [Dallas], and it was [dope]! ❋ Jody Pham (2007)

"Folium Stripe likes lots of [nuts], often [creamy]!" exclaimed [Phyro] ❋ Folium's Nut (2021)

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