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Food is any substance consumed to provide nutritional support for an organism. It is usually of plant or animal origin, and contains essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals. The substance is ingested by an organism and assimilated by the organism's cells to provide energy, maintain life, or stimulate growth. Historically, humans secured food through two methods: hunting and gathering and agriculture. Today, the majority of the food energy required by the ever increasing population of the world is supplied by the food industry. Food safety and food security are monitored by agencies like the International Association for Food Protection, World Resources Institute, World Food Programme, Food and Agriculture Organization, and International Food Information Council. They address issues such as sustainability, biological diversity, climate change, nutritional economics, population growth, water supply, and access to food. The right to food is a human right derived from the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), recognizing the "right to an adequate standard of living, including adequate food", as well as the "fundamental right to be free from hunger"..

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Definitions of "food"

  • Material, usually of plant or animal origin, that contains or consists of essential body nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals, and is ingested and assimilated by an organism to produce energy, stimulate growth, and maintain life. noun
  • A specified kind of nourishment: breakfast food; plant food. noun
  • Nourishment eaten in solid form: food and drink. noun
  • Something that nourishes or sustains in a way suggestive of physical nourishment: food for thought; food for the soul. noun
  • Any substance that is or can be consumed by living organisms, especially by eating, in order to sustain life. noun
  • Anything intended to supply energy or nourishment of an entity or idea. noun
  • A foodstuff. noun
  • What is fed upon; that which goes to support life by being received within, and assimilated by, the organism of an animal or a plant; nutriment; aliment; especially, what is eaten by animals for nourishment. noun
  • Anything that instructs the intellect, excites the feelings, or molds habits of character; that which nourishes. noun
  • To supply with food. verb-transitive
  • To feed; supply; figuratively, to soothe; flatter; entertain with promises.
  • What is eaten for nourishment; whatever supplies nourishment to organic bodies; nutriment; aliment; victuals; provisions: as, the food of animals consists mainly of organic substances; a great scarcity of food; the food of plants. noun
  • Hence Anything that sustains, nourishes, and augments. noun
  • Anything serving as material for consumption or use. noun
  • A person fed or brought up; a person, as a child, under nurture; in an extended sense, any person; a creature. noun
  • Synonyms Provender, etc. (see feed, n.); sustenance, fare, cheer, viands. noun
  • An improper form of feud. noun
  • any substance that can be metabolized by an animal to give energy and build tissue noun
  • anything that provides mental stimulus for thinking noun

The word "food" in example sentences

Promoted to Headline (H2) on 4/10/09: Michael Pollan has it right about 'food safety' yahooBuzzArticleHeadline = 'Michael Pollan has it right about \'food safety\' '; yahooBuzzArticleSummary =' Article: "Food safety.". [Michael Pollan has it right about 'food safety']

First low carb won't of itself change any of those emotional issues 90+ % obese/overweight people have with food (while I believe food is to be enjoyed, the whole concept of “comfort food” is a dangerous one for many people) What low carb does (and low fat doesn't) is give people some breathing space without physical hunger – which is a golden chance to deal with those other problems.. [More on red meat and colon cancer | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.]

A spokesman for Carl's Jr., responding to the food quality issue at Casa, said something to the effect “people don't go there for the food”...not a good thing for the parent company to say!. [Casa Bonita raises the white flag - BatesLine]

_ If people with no money had all the food they needed, that meant _food itself had no value in the marketplace_.. [Asimov's Science Fiction]

These cram it, not with lectures on political economy, books on international law, or any thing of that sort, but with food much more to its taste -- the very best honey, and a kind of _royal food_, which I suppose it is considered high treason for a subject to touch.. [Holidays at the Grange or A Week's Delight Games and Stories for Parlor and Fireside]

He prepared some thick pieces of cardboard and printed on each card, in large letters, such words as _Bone_, _Food_, _Out_, &c. He first gave the dog food in a saucer on the card _food_, and then he placed an empty saucer on a blank card.. [Little Folks (October 1884) A Magazine for the Young]

Herald's College, in return for a part of the proceeds of that bill, which was drawn _to pay for the food of the soldiers who drove the convicts, who produced the food_.. [The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 14, No. 401, November 28, 1829]

Because, from their very birth, they have an _abundance_ of _good_ food; not only of _food_, but of _rich_ food.. [Advice to Young Men And (Incidentally) to Young Women in the Middle and Higher Ranks of Life. In a Series of Letters, Addressed to a Youth, a Bachelor, a Lover, a Husband, a Father, a Citizen, or a Subject.]

If you like our work over at The Shorty Awards for food ... we've got 41 votes and Tyler Florence is currently in the lead with 335 votes, so please please take a minute to Tweet: "I nominate @cupcakeblog for a Shorty Award in #food because ..." and fill in the blank!. [LUSTY LADY]

Section 201 (f) provides the definition of food: "The term ´food´ means (1) articles used for food or drink for man or other animals, (2) chewing gum, and (3) articles used for components of any such article.". [American Chronicle]

* they decide to go to the food court to get something to eat and 10min later Joe comes back with a lot of food* Julie - Joe!. [ - Articles related to Philippines to continue using 'coconet' to battle erosion]

56 While alcohol cannot be classed as a food, it is believed by some authorities to contain _food value_ and, in the hands of the physician, to be a substance capable of rendering an actual service in the treatment of certain diseases.. [Physiology and Hygiene for Secondary Schools]

The question remains, however, what we’d choose given the choice between our food and **your food**.. [baked eggs + chive biscuits + bloody marys | smitten kitchen]

Even the term food stamps is antiquated—people now use plastic cards that resemble credit cards, thus alleviating any stigma connected to welfare.. [The Myth of Starving Americans]

The term food desert has been around for decades, but blew up after the early 1990s, when academics and officials from the Scottish government toured a public housing complex in the town of Paisley, says Steven Cummins, lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London.. [Programs cropping up across USA to address 'food deserts']

The term "food celebrity" encompasses a wide variety of professionals, from TV personalities to accomplished chefs.. [The Full Feed from]

Food Translates

TurkishFood English to Turkish Translate
(i). yemek, yiyecek; gıda, besin; iaşe; (for animals) yem. food card yemek karnesi. food control yiyecek maddelerinin kontrol altına alınması. food poisoning gıda zehirlenmesi. foodstuff (i). yiyecek, gıda maddesi. food for thought düşünülecek şey.(i). yemek, yiyecek; gıda, besin; iaşe; (for animals) yem. food card yemek karnesi. food control yiyecek maddelerinin kontrol altına alınması. food poisoning gıda zehirlenmesi. foodstuff (i). yiyecek, gıda maddesi. food for thought düşünülecek şey.

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