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Definitions of "footed"

  • Having feet or a foot: a footed sofa. Often used in combination: web-footed; four-footed. adjective
  • Simple past tense and past participle of foot. verb
  • Having a specified form of foot. adjective
  • Consisting of, or having been put into, metrical feet (of a specified character or number). adjective
  • Having a foot or feet; shaped in the foot. adjective
  • Having a foothold; established. adjective
  • Provided with a foot or feet: usually in composition: as, four-footed.
  • having feet adjective

The word "footed" in example sentences

I want cozy nights with fat snowflakes falling quietly on our street, and late mornings with babies in footed pajamas clamouring around while I make French toast and coffee.. [Christmas Wishes]

The horse Lady Ashburton sent him is a pretty, swift little creature, and very sure-footed, which is the first quality for a horse whose rider always goes at a gallop.. [Letters and Memorials of Jane Welsh Carlyle]

Barklage is left-footed, which is a plus and a stated need for the club.. [Soccer Blogs - latest posts]

Other ceramic objects, such as footed platforms, and enigmatic, hollow “binocular” pieces, attest to the spiritual and ritual life of the Trypilians.. [The Remarkable Trypilian Culture (5400-2700 BC)]

The passage of barges through some of these tunnels is performed in a very curious manner, as owing to the roofs being too low to admit of tugs passing through, the heavily laden canal barges have to be "footed" along by men and boys lying on their backs and pushing against the roof or walls of the tunnel.. [Through Canal-Land in a Canadian Canoe]

So this year, World Kitchen, a little-known Rosemont-based company that makes big-name brands such as Pyrex and CorningWare, will release a new "footed" Corelle rice bowl in China, along with about 84 other updated products worldwide.. [ -]

Permit me quote in Swedish one "footed" in scriptures:. [open Democracy News Analysis - Comments]

To escape such torment Hans Amden cleared a space and gave a clumsy-footed Hollandish breakdown till all the Court roared its laughter.. [Chapter 15]

Without shame, I confess that it was I who turned and footed it.. [Chapter 30]

Curiously eager, velvet-footed and silent as a ghost, sliding and gliding and crouching, the dog that was mere domesticated wolf stalked the enticing bit of young life that Mab had brought so recently into the world.. [Chapter XXVII]

On our legs alone, without hardship, aided merely by wit -- the plan was mine -- my brother and I walked that fleet-footed creature into possession.. [Chapter 21]

His dogs were leaping in perfect rhythm, firm - footed, close to the trail, and Wolf Fang, head low and unseeing, whining softly, was leading his comrades magnificently.. [A DAUGHTER OF THE AURORA]

I answered, too, the summons of the Lady Om, following a sleek - faced, cat-footed eunuch through quiet palace byways to her apartments.. [Chapter 15]

At other times, resting, he watched and envied the stolid, mule-footed Indians that plodded by under heavier packs.. [THE TASTE OF THE MEAT]

"Ay, it is Neepoosa," the old woman replied, drawing her inside the tent, and despatching a boy, hot-footed, on some errand.. [CHAPTER 2]

A mile above the forks, running velvet-footed as was his custom,. [The Lair]

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@footballitalia Isco or SMS any day over Mo. we don’t need another left footed winger.


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@skysportnz: 🎉 HAPPY BIHDAY CHRISTIAN CULLEN! 🌪🌩 📺Here he is at his best! Where do you rank the fleet-footed @Hurricanesrugby fullbac…


@Rainmaker1973: The Glasswinged butterfly is a brush-footed butterfly, member of the subfamily Danainae. The tissue between the veins of…

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Footed Word Data

  • Pronunciations(fo͝otˈĭd)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation foot ed




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