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Definitions of "footings"

  • Plural form of footing. noun

The word "footings" in example sentences

They are terrible fellows for making one pay "footings," and their object was to intercept my retreat downwards.. [A Boy's Voyage Round the World]

(Dan Erdmann, KX News) Right now, crews are working on the underground portion of the pumping station, such as footings and the basin of the reservoir, which has a capacity of over one million gallons.. []

Footings to walls.] termed "footings" to the walls.. [Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 3 "Brescia" to "Bulgaria"]

Also, it is the law to call the Miss Utility line locator company at 811 before you dig for footings, fences, shrubs and trees.. [Fewer and fewer plants are truly deer-resistent]

It is the rebar reinforced concrete in the footings, columns and dalas as well as the rebar and fill within the block itself that supports the house and walls.. [Cinder block vs brick]

Up until then I had used the traditional firme subfloor which was a non-reinforced concrete pad poured between the footings.. [Cinder block vs brick]

As far as failure of footings, posts or beams during an earthquake, I saw first hand how improperly tied rebar cages led to complete structural failure.. [Cinder block vs brick]

The real strength of a properly constructed block home is in the steel re-enforced concrete box structure of footings, columns and headers.. [Cinder block vs brick]

The footings/columns/dala would stand on their own and not fall in an earthquake - blocks on their own would fall.. [Cinder block vs brick]

Undersized rebar, stirrups tied too far apart and failure to leave long enough rebar protrusions from the footings to tie the posts to were the main mistakes.. [Cinder block vs brick]

Safety tests on aging foundations that will be used to support a bridge carrying Metrorail trains over Interstate 66 have verified that the footings are structurally sound, officials with the Dulles Metrorail Project said Thursday.. [Aging pier footings pass safety tests for Dulles Metrorail Project]

Since the foundations were discovered after the project was designed with new footings, the money saved from using the old ones will cover most of the testing costs, Nowakowski said.. [Aging pier footings pass safety tests for Dulles Metrorail Project]

The footings were hammered underground by the Virginia Department of Transportation 33 years ago for a possible subway line to the airport.. [Aging pier footings pass safety tests for Dulles Metrorail Project]

It lapped weakly over the footings of the lampposts.. [Summer At Lake Elsinore]

Nearly 700 cubic yards of concrete were poured into the first two foundation footings for the Barclays Center, which is expected to open for the 2012-13 season.. [Nets Deal Yi Jianlian, Start Work on Arena]

These footings in the trillions, as we have learned, were often hidden from view in off-balance sheet accounts and even transferred out temporarily at the close of each calendar quarter so as to snooker shareholders, directors, rating agencies and regulators.. [Wall Street Plays Uncle Sam Like A Fiddle In Matters Of Finance]

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@Dr_Weyand: How did the hurdles assessments go?? Did you and the athletes maintain your collective footings?


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