For Certain

Definitions of "For Certain"

definitely, positively, without doubt interjection

Definitely or positively (`sure' is sometimes used informally for `surely') adverb

The word "For Certain" in example sentences

Yes, I disagree with our President on proposed cuts to the big three social entitlement programs he said he would support -- Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid -- but at least he was putting forth a good faith effort to avert a for-certain financial meltdown of the country within days now even if it was politically disadvantageous to his party and to himself politically. Miles J. Zaremski: "Privatizing" Debt Ceiling Negotiations

Yes, it's my own choice ... between the near-seizure symptoms that make talking and walking kinda tricky, how tired I feel, and the need for a few hours of actual for-certain time alone, staying here seemed best. jaxraven Diary Entry

I jumped in without thought to how i would remove myself, and i floated in sunshine and warm green and dogwood petals and everything in my head was deep underwater and the beating of my heart which seemed the only thing and it wasnt bad, then, i didnt feel bad, then, but i knew that i had taken one for-sure turn in one for-certain direction, and maybe for the first time in my life. i-claudius Diary Entry

The most important question is the one for which no one has a for-certain answer: Why does each new group of young voters vote in fewer numbers than the group that came before? The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

"I knew that MCC was not a for-certain thing," she said. News

We've been in touch with Warner since then, though, and were told by our contacts there that the list of shows mentioned in the quote is NOT confirmed yet, and were actually told that "no shows have been identified yet" as for-certain becoming a part of this program. Home Theater Forum

"Now please keep in mind that the Twitter account used, @Bassisland, isn't a" verified account "which absolutely confirms that the poster is for-certain to be Collins. News

What does for certain mean?

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