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Definitions and meanings of "Foreseeingly"

What do we mean by foreseeingly?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word foreseeingly. Define foreseeingly, foreseeingly synonyms, foreseeingly pronunciation, foreseeingly translation, English dictionary definition of foreseeingly.

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The word "foreseeingly" in example sentences

Abraham onward it was introduced, slowly but foreseeingly, all-wisely and all-knowingly, for otherwise humanity were lost. ❋ Stanley Shaw (N/A)

The exemplary closeness of "The Awkward Age" even affects me, on re-perusal, I confess, as treasure quite instinctively and foreseeingly laid up against my present opportunity for these remarks. ❋ Henry James (1879)

The process may be a long one, perhaps: you may have to ground with one colour; to touch it with fragments of a second; to crumble a third into the interstices; a fourth into the interstices of the third; to glaze the whole with a fifth; and to reinforce in points with a sixth: but whether you have one, or ten, or twenty processes to go through, you must go _straight_ through them, knowingly and foreseeingly all the way; and if you get the thing once wrong, there is no hope for you but in washing or scraping boldly down to the white ground, and beginning again. ❋ John Ruskin (1859)

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What does foreseeingly mean?

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