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Definitions of "form"

  • The shape and structure of an object. noun
  • The body or outward appearance of a person or an animal considered separately from the face or head; figure. noun
  • The essence of something. noun
  • The mode in which a thing exists, acts, or manifests itself; kind: a form of animal life; a form of blackmail. noun
  • Procedure as determined or governed by regulation or custom. noun
  • A fixed order of words or procedures, as for use in a ceremony; a formula. noun
  • A document with blanks for the insertion of details or information: insurance forms. noun
  • Manners or conduct as governed by etiquette, decorum, or custom. noun
  • Behavior according to a fixed or accepted standard: Tardiness is considered bad form. noun
  • Performance considered with regard to acknowledged criteria: a good jump shooter having an unusual form. noun
  • Proven ability to perform: a musician at the top of her form. noun
  • Fitness, as of an athlete or animal, with regard to health or training. noun
  • The past performance of a racehorse. noun
  • A racing form. noun
  • Method of arrangement or manner of coordinating elements in literary or musical composition or in organized discourse: presented my ideas in outline form; a treatise in the form of a dialogue. noun
  • A particular type or example of such arrangement: The essay is a literary form. noun
  • The design, structure, or pattern of a work of art: symphonic form. noun
  • A mold for the setting of concrete. noun
  • A model of the human figure or part of it used for displaying clothes. noun

The word "form" in example sentences

I still await some form of PERSONAL **not form** answer.. [Block this way]

These experiments merely indicate that _the parent form possesses more potential characters than it can give expression to in a single individual form_, some of them being necessarily latent or hidden, and that when these latent ones show themselves they must do so at the expense of others which become latent or hidden in their turn.. [Q. E. D., or New Light on the Doctrine of Creation]

Was the form of slavery which our professor pronounces innocent _the form_ witnessed by our Savior "in Judea?". [The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus]

It is clear that the main point of the question does not lie in organic matter or in organic form, but in organic _motion_, for even the specific of the organic _form_ originates only first through _organic motion of life_.. [The Theories of Darwin and Their Relation to Philosophy, Religion, and Morality]

The olden transcendentalist dragged on in barren cells and dreary poverty in order not to divert his glorified vision of the formless by the beauty of the _ever present form_; the modern transcendentalist brings his higher laws into play, conquers his poverty and commands around himself the beauty and luxury and freedom of the world of form, and it speaks to him in matchless raiment, luxuriant flowers, gems, material comforts and soft ease.. [Freedom Talks No. II]

The relation between matter and form, or between _content and form_, as it is generally called, is one of the most disputed questions in. [Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic]

What is real is the continual _change of_ form: _form is only a snapshot view of a transition_.. [Evolution créatrice. English]

But they will never do it; for, in their eyes, spoliation is a principle of hatred and disorder, and the most particularly odious form which it can assume is _the legal form_.. [Sophisms of the Protectionists]

In her trial, Patrick used a fish-oil-based essential fatty acid from Nordic Naturals that consisted of 225mg of Omega-3 (E.A and DHA), 33mg of Omega-6 (GLA) and 15 IU of Vitamin E. Nordic Naturals fish oils are of the highest quality and all Nordic Naturals fish oils are in their natural triglyceride form*, which is the optimum form for the body to absorb and use.. [NZ On Screen]

With this example I used the @form shortcut so that every component in the parent form will be processed on the server.. [Hottest News Articles]

· Ability to open different formats such as PDF form, FDF form and XFDF form*.. [Softpedia - Windows - All]

Second, you can use the JQuery function to turn a normal DOM element into a JQuery object: var form = document. getElementById ( "#login"); var $form = $ (form);. [Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz]

_that_, in the form, -- I meant to say 'you talk about me being' free 'now, free till _then_, and I am rather jealous of the potency attributed to the _form_, with all its solemnity, because it _is_ a form, and no more -- yet you frankly agree with me that _that_ form complied with, there is no redemption; yours I am _then_ sure enough, to repent at leisure &c. & c.'. [The Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett, Vol. 1 (of 2) 1845-1846]

From common form seem to originate beauty and deformity; and, as they recede from each other in opposite directions, they become less and less like their parent, _common form_, but never totally unlike; for it is their likeness to that form that constitutes the one beauty, and the other deformity; for, were there no resemblance in deformity to the common form, it would be a different species, and no longer disgust; and none in beauty, it would no longer please.. [An Enquiry Concerning the Principles of Taste, and of the Origin of our Ideas of Beauty, etc.]

$form = array_map ( 'trim', $_POST [ 'form']); if ($form [ 'board_title'] = = '') message ( 'You must enter a board title.');. [PunBB Forums]

Thus matter and form are indicated in the second verse of Genesis, "And the earth was _without form_ (Heb.. [A History of Mediaeval Jewish Philosophy]

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