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Definitions of "formal"

  • Relating to or involving outward form or structure. adjective
  • Being or relating to essential form or constitution: a formal principle. adjective
  • Following or being in accord with accepted forms, conventions, or regulations: had little formal education; went to a formal party. adjective
  • Executed, carried out, or done in proper or regular form: a formal reprimand; a formal document. adjective
  • Characterized by strict or meticulous observation of forms; methodical: very formal in their business transactions. adjective
  • Stiffly ceremonious: a formal manner; a formal greeting; a formal bow to the monarch. adjective
  • Having the outward appearance but lacking in substance: a formal requirement that is usually ignored. adjective
  • Something, such as a gown or social affair, that is formal in nature. noun
  • being in accord with established forms adjective
  • official adjective
  • relating to the form or structure of something adjective
  • ceremonial adjective
  • organized; well-structured and planned adjective
  • formalin noun
  • an evening gown noun
  • an event with a formal dress code noun
  • Belonging to the form, shape, frame, external appearance, or organization of a thing. adjective
  • Belonging to the constitution of a thing, as distinguished from the matter composing it; having the power of making a thing what it is; constituent; essential; pertaining to or depending on the forms, so called, of the human intellect. adjective
  • Done in due form, or with solemnity; according to regular method; not incidental, sudden or irregular; express. adjective

The word "formal" in example sentences

As a formal theory (in Husserl's sense of ˜formal™, i.e., as opposed to ˜material™) mereology is simply an attempt to lay down the general principles underlying the relationships between an entity and its constituent parts, whatever the nature of the entity, just as set theory is an attempt to lay down the principles underlying the relationships between a set and its members.. [Wild Dreams Of Reality, 3]

In this book, the term formal thought disorder is used to refer to the aphasialike utterances of patients.. [The Neuropsychiatric Guide to Modern Everyday Psychiatry]

But so keen for symmetry, for all the term formal beauty implies, is Chopin, that seldom does his morbidity madden, his voluptuousness poison.. [Chopin : the Man and His Music]

Well, with China, we have a, what we call formal bilaterals, which is just I sit down with the Chinese Foreign Minister, there are officials there, there are note takers and record keepers; it's a formal meeting.. [Interview with David Reyne and Kim Watkins, 9am with David and Kim - Transcript - The Hon Stephen Smith MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs]

This claim is anachronistic in that it presupposes Aristotle's own novel view that a complete explanation must encompass four factors: what he called the formal, material, efficient, and final causes.. [Presocratic Philosophy]

M. O'BRIEN: Ben Hatfield, who is the chief executive officer of the company which owns the Sago, number one, said as he tried to explain what happened that the company never made what he called a formal announcement.. [CNN Transcript Jan 4, 2006]

If the formal is allowed here, wouldn't 'Usted desea algún agua' be the question of 'Do you want some agua?. [a question]

There are what he refers to as formal numbers, one for each numeral; these are the (Platonic) Forms for numbers.. [Speusippus]

At length, these new or 'modern' philosophers abandoned the question of Realism, and the relation of thought to Reality, in favour of a system of pure logic or dialectics, dealing with the mere forms and expressions of thought, the formal analysis of ideas and words, the mutual relation of propositions and conclusions -- in short, all that constitutes what we call formal logic, in its widest acceptation.. [Life of Luther]

MARTIN: And you make the point that among the African-American community, for example, that one doesn't have to have what you called formal knowledge producing credentials to be a member of the intelligentsia.. [NPR Topics: News]

I also need what they called a formal accent, so I was thinking British.. [Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions]

TS, the theory of elements, which analyses the objective conditions of the subjective activity of knowing, namely the theory of ideas, propositions and deduction, in short: formal logic.. [Bolzano's Logic]

I've missed two weeks of painting classes plus my mid-term formal critique.. [madrigle Diary Entry]

But these aren't the only properties that Hick means to include under the rubric formal '.. [Warranted Christian Belief]

The one I call the formal suit would not be appropriate.. [Castro Addresses Colombian Solidarity Groups]

This we call a formal education is very important.. [COMMEMORATE CHILDREN'S DAY]

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