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Definitions of "format"

  • A plan for the organization and arrangement of a specified production. noun
  • The material form or layout of a publication. noun
  • Computer Science The arrangement of data for storage or display. noun
  • Computer Science A method for achieving such an arrangement. noun
  • To plan or arrange in a specified form: They formatted the conference so that each speaker had less than 15 minutes to deliver a paper. verb-transitive
  • Computer Science To divide (a disk) into marked sectors so that it may store data. verb-transitive
  • Computer Science To determine the arrangement of (data) for storage or display. verb-transitive
  • The layout of a document. noun
  • The form of presentation of something. noun
  • A file type. noun
  • To create or edit the layout of a document. verb
  • Change a document so it will fit onto a different type of page. verb
  • To prepare a mass storage medium for initial use, erasing any existing data in the process. verb
  • The shape and size of a book or other printed publication; hence, its external form. noun
  • the arrangement of the parts of a printed page, such as text and graphics. noun
  • The pattern of organization of information in an electronic storage medium, such as the number and size of records, or the size, spacing, or separation symbols for fields in a record. A computer file, for example, may be in fixed-length format, in which each field or record occupies the same number of bytes, or in variable-length format, in which the lengths of fields or records varies. The number of formats are unlimited, being specifiable at will by programmers or in some cases by the users of programs. noun
  • The general organization, form, or plan for anything, such as an organized social, political, or entertainment event. noun
  • to set into a specific format; -- of printed matter or data recorded on a data soorage medium. verb-transitive
  • In printing, the shape and size of a book, as, for example, duodecimo, octavo, quarto, folio, etc. noun

The word "format" in example sentences

; Add Header for image file format: = "P3" comment: = "#File made in Autohotkey" hight: = scan_y_end - scan_y_start width: = scan_x_end - scan_x_start colors: = "255" file_data = % format% % comment% % width% % hight% % colors% % scan_current_line%. [AutoHotkey Community]

SetFormat Integer, % format%; restore original format. [AutoHotkey Community]

$format - you assign either the value json or xml to this parameter to specify how the format of the movie results.. [ASP.NET Weblogs]

Some languages use different terms for the long and short format of May if ((strpos ($format, '\M') = = = false & & strpos ($format, 'M')!. []

The Invoke as … button will call the service with the $format parameter indicating the data format to be returned (e.g.,. [MSDN Blogs]

The Bruins issued a statement about 40 minutes before the game that said ` ` the change in format is occurring due to incorrect markings on the West End of the TD Banknorth Garden ice. .... []

The change in format is part of an effort to get The SciFi Zone Radio Show syndicated in other radio markets.. [The SciFi Zone Radio Show Gets New Timeslot | Solar Flare: Science Fiction News]

I needed to change the title format of each thread and also index page for SEO purpose.. []

Clearly these guys are in love with the title format of Adjective + Noun, though unfortunately they're also in love with making the same kind of movie again.. [Fat Guys at the Movies]

I'm using the following CSS file for the above page, the label format is in red, the input in green:. [ASP Message Board]

Though the format is adapting, a successful news/book vehicle still requires qualified journalists/authors and their thoughts/words.. [Literary cage fight: print vs. online « The Book Publicity Blog]

But if that sounds too harsh, I must say that my impression changes greatly when the format is a franc-heavy bord blend.. [Cab Franc frenzy: the polarizing grape sparks debate | Dr Vino's wine blog]

The CD single has been all but killed off by digital downloads, and it looks like the format is about to receive a mortal blow in the Australian market with JB Hi Fi dumping physical singles entirely.. [JB Hi-Fi To Ditch CD Singles | Lifehacker Australia]

I'm a newbie to the graphic novel scene but I want to learn more and read more, because I think the format is amazing and the stories are so wide open.. [INTERVIEW: Karin Lowachee]

I have transplanted the REAL FACTS of the case below (I covered my opinion of a faulty application of a normally valid constitutional rule as one-size-fits-all in my post above) — the format is a little confusing until you do the first section — it is both comprehensive and concise:. [Matthew Yglesias » Morals With Dianne Feinstein]

As I said before, I think stripping the semantics out of the format is a cop-out.. [Portable contact lists and the case against XFN | FactoryCity]

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actually. i think i'm gonna put that story about nico up on AO3 one i figure out how to format it so her tweets actually show up as tweets


@Kgray0121: High school was supposed to prepare us for college? Then how come i learned 4 years MLA format and now all my essays are APA…


@Kgray0121: High school was supposed to prepare us for college? Then how come i learned 4 years MLA format and now all my essays are APA…


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