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Definitions of "formation"

  • The act or process of forming something or of taking form. noun
  • Something formed: beautiful cloud formations. noun
  • The manner or style in which something is formed; structure: the distinctive formation of the human eye. noun
  • A specified arrangement or deployment, as of troops. noun
  • Geology The primary unit of lithostratigraphy, consisting of a succession of strata useful for mapping or description. noun
  • Something possessing structure or form. noun
  • The act of assembling a group or structure. noun
  • A rock or face of a mountain. noun
  • A grouping of military units or smaller formations under a command, such as a brigade, division, wing, etc. noun
  • An arrangement of moving troops, ships, or aircraft, such as a wedge, line abreast, or echelon. Often "in formation". noun
  • The process of influencing or guiding a person to a deeper understanding of a particular vocation. noun
  • The act of giving form or shape to anything; a forming; a shaping. noun
  • The manner in which a thing is formed; structure; construction; conformation; form. noun
  • A substance formed or deposited. noun
  • noun
  • Mineral deposits and rock masses designated with reference to their origin noun
  • A group of beds of the same age or period. noun
  • The arrangement of a body of troops, as in a square, column, etc. noun
  • The act or process of forming or making; the operation of composing by the union of materials or elements, or of shaping and giving form; a putting or coming into form: as, the formation of a state or constitution; the formation of ideas or of character. noun

The word "formation" in example sentences

Another way of attacking two-seater machines that we use in formation is for three men to go out to try to get at a machine.. [Experiences of a Canadian Aviator in France]

Daniel: "Mineral crystals and their formation is a self-assembled process that is dependent on physical and chemical structural information.". [Dawkins on the OOL]

Mineral crystals and their formation is a self-assembled process that is dependent on physical and chemical structural information.. [Dawkins on the OOL]

“It all went into slow motion, and I felt like the missile and I were kind of flying in formation for a while,” he recalls.. [The Last Ace]

If Obama, Axelrod and Plouffe can do the job of getting this message to stick (by getting their soldiers in formation and marching with it through the weekend talk circuit and not screwing it up) it just might have a chance to do some damage to the ever stalling right.. [Think Progress » Obama Reprimands GOP: Stop Saying ‘This Guy’s Doing All Kinds Of Crazy Stuff…To Destroy America’]

Mr. Pez, is there anything we can do to help? pilotshark has the contact in formation for a very good program.. [Think Progress » NJ Superior Court Judge Reprimanded For Mocking One Defendant’s English, Comparing Another To O.J. Simpson]

There, I took off the coat and stepped around a corner to behold rows upon rows of Starfleet cadets in formation, uniforms perfect, expertly coifed.. [The Fifth Color | Reach for the Stars | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources – Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment]

The big deal about natural gas trapped in the Marcellus formation is that it has to be fracked out.. [`Appalled’ Pa. gov. shuts down reports on protests]

If affixation means forming a word by adding an affix (e.g. frosty from frost, refusal from refuse, instrumentation from instrument), then back-formation is essentially this process in reverse: it adapts an existing word by removing its affix, usually a suffix (e.g. sulk from sulky, proliferate from proliferation, back-form from back-formation).. [April « 2009 « Sentence first]

The mission, a collaboration between Nasa and the European Space Agency, will use three spacecraft flying in formation while orbiting the sun, with each housing floating cubes of gold platinum.. [Spacecraft To Test Einstein’s Theory Of Relativity | Impact Lab]

So much so, that when Army Reservist Staff Sgt. Brett Bennethum lined up in formation at his deployment this July, she couldn't let go.. [ Something to Think About During the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony]

Some of the exact rhetoric that Stewart has deployed to promote this rally -- the "take it down a notch, America," the images of people marching in formation, shouting "Be reasonable!". [Politico Has Concerns About Rally To Restore Sanity For Some Reason]

• A pennant formation is similar to the flag formation – it differs only in the form of consolidation.. [Fx Mr | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

In the short-term 60-minute chart in Graph 2, a typically long flag formation is coming around in the GBP/JPY currency pair.. [Fx Mr | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

• A flag formation is a charting pattern that is indicative of consolidation following an upward surge in price.. [Fx Mr | SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles]

Heart on it when I received letter with DD215, was given award in formation in. [DONNIE RAY MIXON]

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Organic Traffics

@gigazine: 「ブドウを電子レンジでチンするとプラズマが発生する」という現象の原因がついに明らかに


Great work by former colleague from Andy Camilli’s lab. A bacteria-based genetic assay detects prion formation


@M0nsieurL: @handicap_gouv @s_cluzel @gouvernementFR Une vrai formation pour les enseignants, les AESH, initiale ? continue ? Pour le sa…


@Ag_smith: 「ブドウを電子レンジでチンするとプラズマが発生する」という現象の原因がついに明らかに > 「二等分して皮を少しだけくっつけたままにしたブドウを電子レンジにかけるとプラズマが発生する」という現象は科学コミ…


@gigazine: 「ブドウを電子レンジでチンするとプラズマが発生する」という現象の原因がついに明らかに

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