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Form is the shape, visual appearance, or configuration of an object. In a wider sense, the form is the way something is or happens. Form may also refer to: Form (document), a document (printed or electronic) with spaces in which to write or enter data Form (education), a class, set or group of students Form (religion), an academic term for prescriptions or norms on religious practice Form, a shallow depression or flattened nest of grass used by a hare Form, or rap sheet, slang for a criminal record.

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Definitions of "forms"

  • Plural form of form. noun
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of form. verb

The word "forms" in example sentences

April 14, 2010 at 9:14 am iz troo! lukkit dose lil eef floofs an teh seerius lil faise an….*thinks uv tax forms thinks uv tax forms*. [Dis may be de most - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

These different forms of the same element are called _allotropic states_ or _forms_ of the element.. [An Elementary Study of Chemistry]

Mendel's Law was at first hailed by biologists has gradually subsided; for it has been found that though these new forms will breed true under certain conditions, they are nevertheless _cross-fertile with the original forms_, and thus the circle can be _completed back again_ by a return to the parent form, from which the new "species" can again be produced at will with the same mathematical exactness as before.. [Q. E. D., or New Light on the Doctrine of Creation]

But similar attempts at classification in the other forms of art are not wanting: suffice it to mention the _realistic and symbolic forms_, spoken of in painting and sculpture.. [Aesthetic as Science of Expression and General Linguistic]

The further this is carried, the less is it possible to govern the forms of the background pattern; they become less discernible as contrasting _forms_, although they may be very interesting as elements of mystery and suggestive of things not actually seen.. [Wood-Carving Design and Workmanship]

The study of organic forms, or morphology, is thus, more than any other science, interested in the doctrine of descent, because through this doctrine it first obtained a practical knowledge of effective causes, and was able to raise itself from the humble rank of a descriptive study of _forms_ to the high position of an analytical science of _form_.. [Freie wissenschaft und freie lehr. English]

It was known that animal micro-organisms, unlike vegetable micro-organisms, after a cycle of life in which reproduction takes place by scission -- that is, by subdivision of a single body into several other bodies equal to the first, give place to _sexual forms_, masculine and feminine, which are separate, and incapable of scission, but are designed for _fusion into one another_, after which the organism recommences its cycle of scissions until it again reaches the sexual forms.. [Spontaneous Activity in Education]

Also, that elements have bodies, and have forms, _but principles have no bodies, and no forms_. [. [Christianity and Greek Philosophy or, the relation between spontaneous and reflective thought in Greece and the positive teaching of Christ and His Apostles]

The Civets – the acronym forms the name of a small nocturnal mammal – follows on from another group of emerging nations known as the "Brics": Brazil, Russia, India and China.. [The Civets: a guide to the countries bearing the world's hopes for growth]

And to think that you tell us that filling in forms is a waste of time … …. on March 4, 2010 at 6: 45 pm Bonzo. [You Get What You Want – You Are Happy SHOCK! « POLICE INSPECTOR BLOG]

And even though it makes no sense, a word forms in my mouth, the only word I think I can say other than her name.. [Venomous]

The title forms part of the lyrics to Uncle John's Band. [Buckdancer's Choice]

Most of the feminists I know - at least the ones for whom the label forms a big part of their activism, politics and identity - are pro sex work, and many are sex workers themselves. [Center for American Progress Action Fund]

The idea of using * French* as a model for a language which uses native forms is totally absurd – French is even more enthusiastic about making up its own name forms than English is.. [Matthew Yglesias » The Shroud of Torino]

Then, they'll tell you why filling out and mailing back the forms is a good thing.. [Multiple media carry Census message to be counted]

Lying on the forms is a fifth-degree felony punishable by six to 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.. [No Criminal Charges For Party Switchers - Real Clear Politics –]

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