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What do we mean by fountain pens?

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The word "fountain-pens" in example sentences

Immediately, with rifles and bayonets levelled, they were ordered to give up all fountain-pens and wristwatches and rings. ❋ Shute, Nevil, 1899-1960 (1950)

Adele and Jo, the literaries, nibbled their fountain-pens. ❋ Julia Augusta Schwartz (N/A)

Tacks made of rubber, matches that explode or refuse to light, exploding cigars or cigarettes, fountain-pens that smear ink over the fingers immediately they are put to use, "electric" bells with pins secreted in their push buttons, and boutonnieres that squirt water into the face of the beholder, are a few familiar examples. ❋ Brett Page (N/A)

And he belonged to a social milieu in which gold fountain-pens were used. ❋ Simenon, Georges (1942)

And another time, I remember, she wanted to write a note at my desk and was scandalised because there was no proper pen and ink – although, as I explained, I had three fountain-pens, any of which I was willing to lend her. ❋ Unknown (1938)

It was a pathetic, a tragic letter, the letter of a woman endeavouring to express all the anguish of a torn heart with one of those fountain-pens which suspend the flow of ink about twice in every three words. ❋ Unknown (1928)

I am not advertising fountain-pens, so I shall not tell you the name of the pen; but I am advertising the snow house. ❋ Unknown (1918)

"I forget how many bayonets we have on the Western Front, but there must be at least twice as many fountain-pens." ❋ Unknown (1919)

"Rather off fountain-pens for a time, I take it!" observed Dunbar. ❋ Mary Roberts Rinehart (1917)

"How about fountain-pens or crockery sets, or patent nail clippers?" ❋ Owen Johnson (1915)

"He had some California capitalists tuned up to put in three million dollars, but when they read that our plan was impracticable their fountain-pens refused to work." ❋ Rex Ellingwood Beach (1913)

"And she is going to need it, Mawruss," Abe said, "because what the best home-trained men do with cigarettes and fountain-pens, when their minds are occupied with business matters, ain't calculated to improve the appearance of a bar-room, neither." ❋ Montague Glass (1905)

That, however, is not evidence, as millions of people use fountain-pens. ❋ Herbert George Jenkins (1899)

"Better'n selling fountain-pens in the backwoods." ❋ Ernest Howard Crosby (1881)

When contemporary musicologists heard She Loves You, they put down their fountain-pens, lit their pipes and cocked an ear. ❋ HudD (2010)

Why will Americans fall on their fountain-pens for their bankers? ❋ Unknown (2008)

He would still write on a tree, as the song says, if all the world were paper and all the sea were ink; if that river flowed with everlasting ink or all these woods were a forest of quills and fountain-pens.’ ❋ Unknown (2003)

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