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    Giving them the same two votes in the Senate was part of the intricate compromise over regional, economic, and slave-state/free-state interests that went into the Constitution.. [How America Can Rise Again]

    Denison, 1812 - 1890, Manhattan, free-state supporter, moved with husband Isaac to Kansas Territory and other freestaters. [San Francisco imposes sanctions on Arizona]

    As more people moved to Kansas, conflicts erupted between proslavery and free-state settlers in Kansas.. [PIONEER SUMMER]

    The company bought it so free-state folks like us would have a safe place to stay.. [PIONEER SUMMER]

    People are being denined their 2nd Amendment rights to insure the security of the free-state; this is hugely important, especially when it is a major reason for the scope or cause of the damages in many cases, not just in Tech, but in many other places as well.. [Virginia Tech Marks a Year After the Massacre - The Lede Blog -]

    He was always to fear that the free-state rhetoricof New England was a mask for tyranny, a new form of Cromwellian dictatorship.. [FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871]

    The free-state men balked at the proposed reforms.. [FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871]

    The free-state men eventually triumphed inKansas; but the victory was rendered pyrrhic by the United States Supreme Court, which in the case of Dred Scott v.. [FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871]

    But Tolstoy rejected the free-state ideal; it led, he believed, to the decay of the soul.. [FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871]

    But the tide of freedom was going out, and inthe changed atmosphere even free-state men like Russell lost sight of their principles.. [FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871]

    How could German nationalism—the creed of dreaming revolutionists—enable him to crush the free-state opposition?. [FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871]

    In a free-state revolution, old verities crumble; men lose their way, and so, too,do women.. [FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871]

    He would personally explainto King Wilhelm his plan to break the free-state opposition in Parliament.. [FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871]

    In the theory of history then held by many free-state men it is sometimes called the “Whiginterpretation of history”, the story of man is a providential drama of the progress of liberty.. [FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871]

    But this was a hollow victory for the free-state liberals, for under the new régime there was neither genuine ministerialresponsibility nor effective legislative supervision of the army, which continued to be controlled almost exclusively by theold Prussian military caste.. [FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871]

    The free-state men in the Prussian Chamber of Deputies objected to the formation of the new regiments.. [FORGE OF EMPIRES 1861-1871]

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