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Definitions of "fresh"

  • New to one's experience; not encountered before. adjective
  • Novel; different: a fresh slant on the problem. See Synonyms at new. adjective
  • Recently made, produced, or harvested; not stale or spoiled: fresh bread. adjective
  • Not preserved, as by canning, smoking, or freezing: fresh vegetables. adjective
  • Not saline or salty: fresh water. adjective
  • Not yet used or soiled; clean: a fresh sheet of paper. adjective
  • Free from impurity or pollution; pure: fresh air. adjective
  • Additional; new: fresh evidence. adjective
  • Bright and clear; not dull or faded: a fresh memory. adjective
  • Having the glowing, unspoiled appearance of youth: a fresh complexion. adjective
  • Untried; inexperienced: fresh recruits. adjective
  • Having just arrived; straight: fashions fresh from Paris. adjective
  • Revived or reinvigorated; refreshed: I was fresh as a daisy after the nap. adjective
  • Fairly strong; brisk: a fresh wind. adjective
  • Informal Bold and saucy; impudent. adjective
  • Having recently calved and therefore with milk. Used of a cow. adjective
  • Slang Excellent; first-rate. adjective
  • Recently; newly: fresh out of milk; muffins baked fresh daily. adverb
  • The early part: the fresh of the day. noun

The word "fresh" in example sentences

The next time _M. L.B._ visits Scotland, let him ask the first peasant he meets how to keep eggs fresh for years; and he will answer _rub a little oil or butter over them, within a day or two after laying, and they will keep any length of time, perfectly fresh_.. [The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction Volume 19, No. 536, March 3, 1832]

But the secret is, _fresh, fresh, fresh_, and don't stint your coffee.. [All About Coffee]

'Ef you want to know,' sez he, 'open your winder of a mornin' et ary season, and you'll larn thet the best of perfooms is jest fresh air, _fresh air_, 'sez he, emphysizin', 'athout no mixtur.. [The Complete Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell]

"Ef you want to know," sez he, "open your winder of a mornin 'et ary season, and you' ll larn thet the best of perfooms is jest fresh air, _fresh air_," sez he, emphysizin ', "athout no mixtur.. [The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 17, No. 103, May, 1866]

You might have a fish for dinner tonight that was flown in fresh from the Mediterranean.. [Air Travel Was A Dash Of Excitement In The 'Jet Age']

He also sees the potential for the comic and webisodes to spur a return to television, and perhaps even a leap to film: “Certainly keeping the ‘Farscape’ saga alive via the comic book series and the webisodes keeps the title fresh… and the epic scale of storytelling we're able to achieve on the comic book page clearly suggests what the ‘Farscape’ experience would be like on the big screen.”. [EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: ‘Farscape’ Creator Rockne O’Bannon Brings Series Back — As A Comic Book]

In this recipe, corn is cut fresh from the cob and used to fill poblano chiles, which are wrapped in fresh cornhusks, eliminating the need for soaking.. [Cornhusk wrapped chiles stuffed with fresh corn: Chiltamales]

Ever since the 1920s when Max Dvorak, the most inspiring teacher of his day, gave the term fresh currency, art historians have been debating the definition of the word mannerism.. [The Mannerist Style]

The great Sir Alexander MacKenzie, with his title fresh from the king, and his feat of exploring the river now known by his name and pushing through the mountain fastnesses to the Pacific on all men's lips -- was to my Uncle Jack's right.. [Lords of the North]

One disadvantage is human repugnance to eating anything that isn't what they call fresh, but that's offset by the fact that I'm really quite cheap to feed.. [Analog Science Fiction and Fact]

"It is strange how fond you English people are of what you call fresh air," he said.. [The Argosy Vol. 51, No. 2, February, 1891]

It is one of the most deadly poisons, and forms the "choke-damp" which too often suffocates the miner; but what we call fresh air contains such a very small proportion of this dangerous gas that it is harmless.. [Twilight and Dawn Simple Talks on the Six Days of Creation]

I never dreamed I could get so sick of white skies and what you call fresh air.. [Quill's Window]

Out of the heart proceed all those unpleasant things enumerated in Scripture; but if you bottle them up there, and keep your label fresh, it's all that's required of you, by your fellow-beings, at least.. [A Modern Instance]

"It is what they call a fresh-water college," replied the young man,. [The Captain's Toll-Gate]

Labour MP Tom Watson, the most aggressive member of the committee, pulled out of an industry event on Monday to discuss what he described as fresh evidence that News Corp spied on his colleagues.. [Yahoo! News: Business - Opinion]

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