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Definitions of "friends"

  • Plural form of friend. noun
  • Participants in a two-way friendship relationship. noun

The word "friends" in example sentences

One person\'s happiness triggers a chain reaction that benefits not only his friends, but his friends\ 'friends, and his friends\' friends\ 'friends.. [Happiness is a collective - not just individual - phenomenon]

I often think if mothers could be friends to their children, _real friends_, I mean, and not claim what no human being has. [The Shield of Silence]

“Kind friends, ” he said, “friends I have known so long, 1790. [Captain Craig: III. III. Captain Craig, Etc]

Adams’s interest in making friends was something desperate, but “the London season, ” Milnes used to say, “is a season for making acquaintances and losing friends”; there was no intimate life.. [Foes or Friends (1862)]

Antony and Lepidus, Cæsar’s most faithful friends, got off privately, and hid themselves in some friends’ houses.. [Cæsar]

Not for because they set less store by their own citizens, than by their friends; but that they take the loss of their friends’ money more heavily than the loss of their own.. [The Second Book. Of Warfare]

Above all, make friends; that's it, _make friends_ -- everybody, everywhere.. [The Gray Dawn]

"_A good plot, good friends, and full of expectation: an excellent plot, very good friends_.". [The Desire of the Moth; and the Come On]

This son of Sirach even says -- I saw it but just now: 'Take heed of thy friends;' not, observe, thy seeming friends, thy hypocritical friends, thy false friends, but thy _friends_, thy real friends -- that is to say, not the truest friend in the world is to be implicitly trusted.. [The Confidence-Man]

Falconer's friends, of which, at this time, he could not fail to have many, poured in with congratulations on the rapid advancement of his sons, and on all sides exclamations were heard in favour of _friends in power_.. [Tales and Novels — Volume 07]

The array '$friends' holds the names of my friends.. [gHacks technology news]

HOWEVER - one downside warning is that you might want to be friends with someone and join their bantery conversations but that person may not accept your friend request or they might "de-friend" you, but that's cool, you know, people have lots of different rules about who they do and don't allow in their friend group, so like if you are friends with a club promoter or dj they may have like 5000 * friends* whereas other people might limit to just people who they know really well. oh and it's possible your old boyfriends might stalk you.. [oh yeah, and i like cheese]

* hangs up** Justin opens his door with the guys by it too** Brittany and her friends scare Justin and his friends* Brittany: Why so jumpy!!!!!!!!!!!. [ - Articles related to Lindsay Lohan's mother says actress will move East]

I’m out with my friends now, I’m sure she’s out with her friends…. [drbigbeef Diary Entry]

It doesn’t really matter what your friends look like as long as you’re friends…. [j-gan Diary Entry]

The pertinent portion of this remarkable manifesto read as follows: "The partisans in this county who expected to divide the friends of humanity and equal rights will find themselves mistaken, -- we care not a fig for _Whig or Democrat_: they are both alike to us; but we shall go for our _friends_, our. [Stephen A. Douglas A Study in American Politics]

Friends on Social Media

Organic Traffics

@e_lludda @bonnatokki who need to be classy if you can have trashy yet zonk friends a.k.a jeojjang


@Pruny_thebeagle Hi 👋👋 Looking good ! Err.... are we friends enough to let us tell you that you have grass stuck in your teeth ? 😂😂


Cyber stalkers (in the words of my teenager) what are you doing with your lives?? I barely have time to keep up wit…


@farahziad_: for me the best part about being on twitter is making friends who don't know you personally but they just love you >>


@sljpd: 🔴Renegade Raider Giveaway🔴 - Like and retweet - Follow @approvcd - Tag 3 friends - 🔴Winner drawn in 3 days

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