Character 7
Hyphenation fur ther fur ther
Pronunciations /fɜː(ɹ)ðə(ɹ)/

Definitions and meanings of "Further"

What do we mean by further?

More distant in degree, time, or space. adjective

Additional. adjective

To a greater extent; more. adverb

In addition; furthermore. adverb

At or to a more distant or advanced point. adverb

To help the progress of; promote. synonym: advance. transitive verb

At or to a greater distance; more remotely; beyond, literally or figuratively: as, move further away; seek no further for happiness.

In addition; to a greater extent; by way of extension, progression, or continuation: as, I say further that no man knows the reason.

More remote; more distant than something else.

Additional; continued or continuing; extending beyond.

To help or urge onward or forward; promote; advance; forward.

To help or assist.

More remote; at a greater distance; more in advance; farther. See farther. adjective

Beyond; additional adjective

To a greater distance; in addition; moreover. See farther. adverb

Not so near; apart by a greater distance. adverb

To help forward; to promote; to advance; to forward; to help or assist. transitive verb

To encourage growth. verb

To support progress or growth of something. verb

Comparative form of far: more far; of or pertaining to being distant, or of greater distance in degree or of extension in time. adjective

To help forward; to assist.

To encourage growth; to support progress or growth of something; to promote.

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The word "further" in example sentences

J Brand was already the must-have jean brand for the style pack even the Duchess of Cambridge wanted a piece of the action but this long-term collaboration has won the label further fashion credentials. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The extra "r" added by Jarry only propels the word further from any semantic content and into the realm of pure scream and abstraction. ❋ Gabriel Josipovici (2012)

This time it was Katani who found the name further down the wall among the Rs. ❋ Annie Bryant (2006)

His flat options for a title further betray his depression: he toyed with “Imitating the Equator,” “Another Innocent Abroad,” “The Latest,” and “The Surviving Innocent Abroad”; not until July did he decide on Following the Equator and its faintly redundant subtitle, A Journey Around the World. ❋ Ron Powers (2005)

The title further shows the audience “full written details on request” and “makes the other 93% count.” ❋ Unknown (2004)

The burgher started visibly, and his expression further paled on seeing Pieter, his rangy but muscular frame outlined in the light, a pair of gamebirds in one hand and a musket, held at the trigger, in the other. ❋ Keith Blanchard (2003)

"It gets their name further out into the marketplace with one of the hottest brands on TV right now at the peak of the back-to-school season," said Wall Street Strategies analyst Brian Sozzi. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Will Hernandez write his name further into United folklore, or will Messi continue on with his remarkable journey as the greatest player of all time? ❋ Dan Bigmore (2011)

Should this become industry best practice, questionnaires, surveys and shareholder resolutions will nudge the title further along. ❋ Ellen Weinreb (2010)

President Bush and his sycophantic choir maintain the wars are fought to achieve "victory" undaunted by their inability to define the term further than, "I'll know it when I see it," borrowed from the law of obscenity. ❋ Unknown (2008)

UNITA said Savimbi had not been able to travel to Lusaka for the ceremony because of government air raids which it described as further violations of the truce. ❋ Unknown (1994)

P.S. The above was written before J. S.W.'s note appeared (Vol. ii., p. 360.), which does not carry the use of this term further back than Bailey's ❋ Various (N/A)

The study was actually released in 2008, but CRE released what it called further data "mined" from that Video Consumer Mapping (VCM) study conducted by Ball State University. ❋ Unknown (2010)

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