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Definitions and meanings of "Galbanum"

What do we mean by galbanum?

A bitter, aromatic gum resin extracted from a southwest Asian plant (Ferula gummosa syn. F. galbaniflua) in the parsley family, used in incense and in traditional medicine. noun

A gum resin obtained from species of Ferula, especially F. galbaniflua and F. rubricaulis, of the desert regions of Persia. It occurs in the form of translucent tears, and has a peculiar aromatic odor and a disagreeable alliaceous taste. It is used in medicine as a stimulating expectorant and as an ingredient in plasters. noun

A bitter, aromatic resin or gum, extracted from plants of the genus Ferula, that resembles assafoetida and has been used in incense and in aromatherapy noun

A bitter aromatic gum resin that resembles asafetida noun

A bitter, aromatic resin or gum, extracted from plants of the genus Ferula, that resembles assafoetida and has been used in incense and in aromatherapy

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The word "galbanum" in example sentences

The cypress and the galbanum bring a subtle woody note. ❋ Aleksandra Crapanzano (2011)

One eau de toilette from the line, Pucci's Sole 149, features the distinctive aroma of tomato leaves, galbanum, jasmine and other botanicals. $59 at www. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Instead, perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis uses the sharp greenness of galbanum and the raw-earthy carrot-seed & iris notes to create that crystal-clear charm of the lily bells, and underlines it with sultry notes of narcissus, jasmine and vegetal musk. ❋ Ayala Sender (2009)

That's what it was like to sniff Silences, from the sharp but already layered opening through the dark green first layer and on into the galbanum earth to the very smooth remnants of extreme dry down. ❋ ScentScelf (2009)

I haven't even touched earth or galbanum yet, which I absolutely, positively must have, and could perhaps satisfy with a bottle of Jacomo Silences. ❋ ScentScelf (2009)

Notes of neroli (a flower oil), galbanum (a resin from some Asain plants), may rose, and irises from Florence finish with a chime of chypre with a subtle, woody vetiver (an East Indian grass). ❋ Unknown (2009)

The juice itself seemed controversial at the time: Kingdom starts off equally animalic and fresh: the cumin theme is immediately recognizable in the top notes, and is accompanied by mild green notes of bergamot and galbanum. ❋ Ayala Sender (2009)

It doesn't have the stand-up-straight chilly galbanum of No. 19 and its ilk. ❋ ScentScelf (2009)

Mind you, Elena picks up on the galbanum, which I tend to gravitate toward but do not find in this. ❋ ScentScelf (2009)

The presence of galbanum, pine, leather and moss, makes the blend appear quite classic. ❋ Marina Geigert (2009)

Oeillet opens juicy and citrusy and with a definite hit of sage, cistus and galbanum absolute that gush out and breathes like drips of blood and wine on earth. ❋ Ayala Sender (2009)

Maybe it was easy for me to love because I was expecting supreme strangeness, a galbanum slap, and then I got warm forest instead. ❋ ScentScelf (2009)

Brings together a couple of passions of mine, galbanum and dirt, on either end of a really fun deep dark dense evolution from one to the other. ❋ ScentScelf (2009)

I like galbanum, green, etc. ...but I haven't given up. ❋ ScentScelf (2009)

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