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Definitions of "game"

  • An activity providing entertainment or amusement; a pastime: party games; word games. noun
  • A competitive activity or sport in which players contend with each other according to a set of rules: the game of basketball; the game of gin rummy. noun
  • A single instance of such an activity: We lost the first game. noun
  • An organized athletic program or contest: track-and-field games; took part in the winter games. noun
  • A period of competition or challenge: It was too late in the game to change the schedule of the project. noun
  • The total number of points required to win a game: One hundred points is game in bridge. noun
  • The score accumulated at any given time in a game: The game is now 14 to 12. noun
  • The equipment needed for playing certain games: packed the children's games in the car. noun
  • A particular style or manner of playing a game: improved my tennis game with practice. noun
  • Informal An active interest or pursuit, especially one involving competitive engagement or adherence to rules: "the way the system operates, the access game, the turf game, the image game” ( Hedrick Smith). noun
  • Informal A business or occupation; a line: the insurance game. noun
  • Informal An illegal activity; a racket. noun
  • Informal Evasive, trifling, or manipulative behavior: wanted a straight answer, not more of their tiresome games. noun
  • Informal A calculated strategy or approach; a scheme: I saw through their game from the very beginning. noun
  • Mathematics A model of a competitive situation that identifies interested parties and stipulates rules governing all aspects of the competition, used in game theory to determine the optimal course of action for an interested party. noun
  • Wild animals, birds, or fish hunted for food or sport. noun
  • The flesh of these animals, eaten as food. noun
  • An object of attack, ridicule, or pursuit: The press considered the candidate's indiscretions to be game. noun
  • Mockery; sport: The older children teased and made game of the newcomer. noun

The word "game" in example sentences

• Follow the Guardian's World Cup team on Twitter• Sign up to play our great Fantasy Football game• Stats centre: Get the lowdown on every player• The latest team-by-team news, features and moreThe political situation, of course, amplified every emotion around that game; as civil war approached it was clear that that this wasn't just another chance, but Red Star's last chance.. [World Cup 2010: Serbia battle their own demons]

And we realize that the ability to see the whole game, both sides at once, is stopping the game~ and we are suddenly free.. [OBAMA GRACIOUSLY DEFLECTS CLINTON AND WINS DEBATE]

This game is sold *for the purpose of playing this game*.. [Marvel & NCSoft Update]

-- Because when the sale of game was permitted one dealer was able to sell 1,000,000 _game birds per year in New York City_, so he himself said.. [Our Vanishing Wild Life Its Extermination and Preservation]

**Click on the game titles to read Kotaku's full review for each game**. [Gizmodo]

Individual photo and Jr. Sea Gal team photo (taken on 8 / 15) 2 game tickets for the 8 / 22 preseason game*. []

FIFA 10 as well as the development of FIFA 10 Ultimate Team, a game mode expansion and new way of playing FIFA 10, the highest rated sports game* ever on the Xbox 360.. [ - HOME PAGE]

And you might be surprised to find out that every major Mario game (with the exception of Super Mario Bros. 2, the black sheep of the family thanks to it not really being a Mario game*) was scored by the same man - the inexhaustible Koji Kondo.. [mental_floss Blog]

• Follow the Guardian's World Cup team on Twitter• Sign up to play our daily Fantasy Football game• Stats centre: Get the lowdown on every player• The latest team-by-team news, features and more "Every game we start," said Van Persie, "there is a really nice belief that we will score.. [World Cup 2010: Slovakia stand in the way of hopeful Holland]

[Illustration: "'Suppose we have a story-telling game'"] "Well, I daresay I shall begin to remember about her presently; but suppose, children, we have a _story-telling game_.. [Milly and Olly]

Hardcore gamers will appreciate all of the fantastic gameplay elements that elevate the game from the “just another lame attempt to cash in on the franchise” level all the way up to the “this game is a kick ass game that just so happens to be a legit Ghostbusters story, complete with the original cast” level, if that makes sense.. [Ghostbusters! Bustin’ ghosts on a console near you! « Giant Killer Squid - Film, Comics, News, Reviews and more]

Trapped in a classic game of "chicken"-a term game theorists use, too-in which both players entertain the option of killing everyone, the President did what game theory suggests a rational actor would do.. [ -- Top News]

Globally there are 618 million searches monthly in English for the term game design.. [ News]

It's an interesting subject mostly because of the misperceptions that are attached to the term "game manager.". [The Seattle Times]

Nebraska (9-3, 6-2 Big 12) can recoup those lost millions by upsetting Texas (12-0, 8-0) in the title game, which is set for a 7: 13 p.m. start at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.. []

"Hopefully, you are always thinking that" every game is a must-win game, Shanahan said.. [Mike Shanahan: 'You better think of every game as a must-win']

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