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Definitions of "gang-rape"

  • To perpetrate a gang rape. verb
  • rape (someone) successively with several attackers verb

The word "gang-rape" in example sentences

Some may be deserters from Somali forces across the border; others are Kenyan bandits who rob and gang-rape the stream of refugees fleeing the famine in Somalia.. [Somali women fleeing famine preyed on by rapists]

A culture that refuses to fully deplore child-rape, a culture in which people make apologies for ‘misunderstood’ rapists, a culture in which teenage boys think that it is entertaining to participate in gang-rape: this is rape-culture, people, and it is sickening.. [Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Monsters | Her Bad Mother]

An embryo cannot suffer the indignity of gang-rape.. [Think Progress » GOP Sen. candidate refuses to apologize for comparing embryonic stem cell research to Nazi experiments.]

Ever since Judge Patrick Parrish ruled that Khadr's statements made to interrogators after he was threatened with gang-rape, coerced and possibly tortured were admissible, his defense was sure to be challenging.. [Daphne Eviatar: Gitmo Guilty Plea Is a Sad Day for U.S. Rule of Law]

A few additions (none of which are as bad as poo-eating): The pull-over scene from “Bad Lieutenant,” the dead baby in the crib from “Trainspotting,” the realization of what exactly Dae-su Oh has done in “Oldboy,” the very, very long gang-rape scene from “I Spit on Your Grave,” the rape scene that just about brings “Showgirls” to a dead stand still and Keanu Reeves doing anything in “Dracula.”. [Top 10 Most Unnerving Movie Scenes » Scene-Stealers]

One gang-rape victim told me she was able to point out one of her attackers to police.. [Neela Ghoshal: Four Years After Kenya's Post-Election Violence, Impunity Reigns]

Reports came filtering in of slave sweeps: The soldados apparently believed that any woman they found—no matter how she tried to fool them by acting otherwise—would be delighted to have them throw her to the ground, pry her legs apart, and gang-rape her.. [Fire The Sky]

They voted against an amendment that was prompted by the brutal gang-rape of a young woman by her co-workers while she was working for a company under contract for the United States government, after which she was locked in a shipping container without food or water, threatened if she left to seek medical treatment, and was then prevented from bringing criminal charges against her assailants.. [mjh's blog — 2009 — November]

They are hanging themselves with this one because it means the public is again focused on the gang-rape the Dems just did on the electorate.. [The DNC thinks shooting at Republicans ‘appropriate.’ [And a fundraising opportunity!] | RedState]

Which brave advertiser will figure out how to make a hilarious gang-rape commercial?. [Consumerist's Super Bowl Ad Liveblog - The Consumerist]

In the case of a Canadian citizen and alleged child soldier, Omar Khadr, the judge ruled that a threat of gang-rape and murder in prison from his lead interrogator did not taint any of the 15-year-old's later "confessions" that he threw a grenade that killed a U.S. soldier.. [Daphne Eviatar: How to Overcome the "Legacy of Torture"]

Green executed an Iraqi family so he and other troops could gang-rape and murder a young woman they had been eyeing at a traffic checkpoint.. [David Isenberg: Civil Discourse and Private Military Contractors]

Trying an alleged child soldier based largely on confessions he made after being threatened with gang-rape and murder is not the case the Obama administration had hoped to showcase in its first military commission trial.. [Daphne Eviatar: Is the Obama Administration Guilty of a War Crime?]

Westerners are stuck paying $3 billion to energy companies that colluded to gang-rape the free market.. [The Consumerist: June 2008 Archives]

I was in the process of researching the 1959 gang-rape of Betty Jean Owens, a black college student at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida when I kept coming across similar cases of white men attacking black women throughout the Deep South.. [Danielle McGuire: At the Dark End of the Street: A New History]

Women raped by groups of young men who have been drinking, and thrown out of the backs of cars, or abandoned after a gang-rape in an alley -- who can't get justice.. [Naomi Wolf: J'Accuse: Sweden, Britain, and Interpol Insult Rape Victims Worldwide]

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@LisaMei62: Justice Kavanaugh is still waiting for an apology from you and your client, Julie Swetnik, for her bogus gang rape charge. h…


@MikeStuchbery_: Hey look Gerard, while I've got you, care to comment on your 'grooming gang & prison advisor': 1. Boasting about scori…


@Distinct_Words: Tanzanian Refugees Arrested for Gang Rape of 18-Year-Old Idaho Woman via @gatewaypundit


@Distinct_Words: Tanzanian Refugees Arrested for Gang Rape of 18-Year-Old Idaho Woman via @gatewaypundit


@MikeStuchbery_: Hey look Gerard, while I've got you, care to comment on your 'grooming gang & prison advisor': 1. Boasting about scori…

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