Definitions and meanings of "Gardens"

What do we mean by gardens?

An outdoor area containing one or more types of plants, usually plants grown for food or ornamental purposes.

The grounds at the front or back of a house.

The twentieth Lenormand card.

A cluster; a bunch.

Pubic hair or the genitalia it masks.

A gardener is a piece of shit who never mows the lawns and let’s all your plants die.  Urban Dictionary

A band made of a duo; Fletcher and Wyatt Shesrs , driven by the genre Vada Vada. Unique in its semi-eclectic and unique sound.  Urban Dictionary

An undercover name, used by teenagers for person who sells cannabis.  Urban Dictionary

It’s a song that goes like this  Urban Dictionary

A distant derivative of the insult hoser. hoser -> hose -> garden hose -> garden  Urban Dictionary

A herd of school buses  Urban Dictionary

A person who plants and cultivates ornamental plants such as those in botanical gardens. A highly skilled gardener may be recognized as a Master Gardener.  Urban Dictionary

When your grandma is sitting in the house but you have a strong urge to suck your mans dick.  Urban Dictionary

Being left alone or kept waiting all of a sudden without end or closure; being ghosted or left in the dark. The phrase references the tragic backstory of the antagonist Spinel from Steven Universe: The Movie, who was told to stand very still and wait on her best friend in their garden, oblivious to the fact that her "friend" had no intention of returning.  Urban Dictionary

A woman's pubic hair or genitals  Urban Dictionary

The word "gardens" in example sentences

How to use gardens in a sentence? Example sentences with the gardens, a sentence example for gardens, and how to make gardens in sample sentence, how do I use the word gardens in a sentence? How do you spell gardens in a sentence?

-- why, at the end of the row of narrow beds which we called our gardens when we were children, grew an old thorn, and in the hollow of the root of the thorn, lived a toad, a great ancient toad, whom I, for one, never dared approach too nearly. ❋ Robert Browning (1850)

The 120-square-meter Imperial Suite — which overlooks the main gardens and includes a large living room, dining room and white marble bathroom — starts at € 770 a night. ❋ Emma-Kate Symons (2010)

In the woods atop old hazels under a thinning canopy of ash, along the lime avenue where high branches spread into the crowns, in gardens where hawthorns overhang the unworked edges? here are the robins. ❋ Paul Evans (2010)

The dandelion is one of the most common weeds in gardens and countryside, and today here on Freshome we wanted to present you an interesting and creative example of wall decal inspired by dandelion seeds being blown. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The greatest challenge for small gardens is to keep them simple. ❋ Joel M. Lerner Special To The Washington Post (2010)

Marijuana cultivation, often associated with NorCal hippies on small gardens, is in fact an industrial practice. ❋ Adam Yamaguchi (2010)

We loved biking from the 15th to the Eiffel Tower and then down the Seine to the Place de la Concorde and then on to the Tuileries Gardens, although they wouldn't let us ride our bikes in gardens, so we crossed the river and rode back to the ET to wait in line ... ❋ Unknown (2010)

I have seen snowdrops; in gardens and on the cart of a peasant woman who was driving to market. ❋ Unknown (2010)

One program envisions volunteers planting trees and rain gardens in flood-damaged areas to help absorb water and prevent erosion. ❋ AP (2010)

The problem you speak of with vegetable gardens is most closely associated with tomatoes which have a very low tolerance of picloram, unfortunately. ❋ Unknown (2009)

M experience with gardens is that they always hit a rough patch early in the season, and then (usually) most things turn out okay. ❋ Jean (2009)

Caring for her gardens is no hobby for Michele Owens. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The solution isn't to limit the number of roof-feet, by banning cottages ... rather, it's to do far more creative things with the runoff: green streets, rain gardens, bioswales. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The body, like gardens, is still a terrain manipulated by the demands of style, fashion and pretense. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The body, like gardens, is the site and object of consumption. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Shasko [Dubich] our gardener pulled up in his 2005 [g wagon] and was three hours late and all he had to do was [mow the grass] and rake the leaves. Andre Rakin his right hand man was drinking a beer while Shasko Dubich bragged about how he owned a trailer park. ❋ Shasko Dubich (2022)

Guy: Just listened to The Garden - the beats are so [narly]! is it [expiremental], rock,electronic, alternative? Gal: it’s [Vada] Vada- a mix! Guy: wow- I suddenly discovered another aspect of life through the lyrics, I’ve never looked at it that way! Gal: it’s fun isn’t it? ! ❋ 10.1.9_Castro (2017)

"dude, [the gardener] got [arrested]" or "[i saw] the gardener yesterday" ❋ Beckee (2008)

No I won't You know you're all alone, your friends, they aren't at home Everybody's gone to the garden As you look into the trees, you can look, but you don't see Flowers seem to tease you at the garden Everybody's there, but you don't seem to care What's it with you man, and this garden? Yeah Turned into my worst phobia A crazy man's utopia If you're lost, no one can show ya But it sure was glad to know ya Only poor boys take a chance On [the garden's] [song and dance] Feel her flowers, as they [wrap around] But only smart boys do without You can find it all inside, no need to wrestle with your pride No, you ain't losing your mind, you're just in the garden They can lead you to yourself or you can throw it [on the shelf] But you know you can look inside for the garden I wasn't really scared [Lost my virginity] there To a gypsy with blond hair But now no one seems to care Like a mouse inside a maze Wandering 'round for daze With a smile upon my face I never want to leave this place Only poor boys take a chance On this garden song and dance Feel her flowers, as they wrap around But only smart boys do without Turned into my worst phobia It's a crazy man's utopia If you're lost no one can show you But it sure was glad to know you Bye-bye, so long, bye-bye It's glad to know you Bye-bye Bye-bye Aw, so long ❋ Mommy I Rocky (2022)

[Taylor]: Let's go to the [comic convention]. You: That's a terrible idea, you garden. Taylor: Did you just call me a [hoser]? You: In so many words... ❋ Goldsac (2007)

[Get over] into the right lane, there's a garden of school buses in front of us [picking up] students from the art [museum]. ❋ Smooothbread (2018)

As a Master Gardener, Xochitl told [Pacho] to avoid using herbicides on his lawn because the chemicals may cause harm to his pet dog, Pluto. She helped Pacho learn to use the [weed twister] to twist out weeds, and she told him that he may someday become a Master [Weed Twister] if he completely stops using herbicides in his garden. ❋ Raycruzer (2006)

[Grandma] were [gonna] do some [gardening] ❋ MsMiraya (2018)

"I thought things were going well but [one day] she just went [silent] and I was left [in the garden]." ❋ DevLunar (2020)

She almost panicked when she [noticed] her garden [poking out] of her [bikini bottom]. ❋ The Return Of Light Joker (2010)

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