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  • Plural form of gasifier. noun

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This involved 495 irrigator's service associations (ISA) with a total membership of over 26,000 farmers and covered over 46,000 ha The Government's main agency in promoting the use of the gasifiers was the Farm Systems Development Corporation (FSDC).. [Chapter 9]

High-temperature plasma-arc gasifiers can consume nearly the entire waste stream, making a synthetic gas that is burned to produce electricity; the leftover slag can be used in building materials.. [How to Build a Greener City]

On October 10, artists and engineers at All Power Labs, an artist work space in an industrial area of Berkeley, California, built and tested wood-chip-powered gasifiers and biochar makers as part of the Global Work Party sponsored by 350. org to take actions aimed at knocking the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere back down to 350 ppm.. [Kelpie Wilson: Hacking the Future -- Biochar 10-10-10 Global Work Party at All Power Labs]

But as you sit with Reema and discuss how various projects are going (cook stoves to help women stop using polluting, fuel-wasting, open-pit fires; biomass gasifiers to turn ag wastes into gas for cooking and lighting; solar lanterns to replace kerosene), time and again the barriers that arise are because the innovators and technologists who are creating the green future aren't tuned in to the largest group of future consumers: today's poor.. [Carl Pope: Think Locally, Act Globally]

China has installed more than 100 industrial coal gasifiers that produce, as a byproduct, pure streams of CO2 that are vented directly into the atmosphere.. [Scott Daniels: Carbon Management: A Call to Action for the U.S. and China]

Small (fixed bed) gasifiers coupled to diesel or gasoline engines (typically for systems of 100 - 200 kilowatts of electricity with an approximate electrical efficiency of 15 - 25 percent) are commercially available on the market.. [Chapter 9]

Biomass-based generation using gasifiers coupled to micro-turbines and integrated gasifier combined cycles, mini grids involving various combinations of photovoltaic, wind, small hydroelectric, batteries. [Chapter 10]

Most early gasifiers generated so much tar that adequate gas clean-up for engine operation was impractical, and tar removal would significantly reduce the potential for power generation from a given amount of biomass feedstock.. [Chapter 10]

Several Chinese provinces are making efforts to convert residues into producer gas in centralised village-scale gasifiers and to distribute the cooking gas by pipes to households.. [Chapter 10]

Grid-connected photovoltaic and solar thermal, biomass-based generation using gasifiers coupled to fuel cells and fuel cell/turbine hybrids. [Chapter 10]

But in recent years, gasifiers have been developed. [Chapter 10]

One promising new technology is the microturbine, which might be deployed with essentially the same gasifiers that have been developed to provide producer gas for use with diesel dual-fuel engine generator sets.. [Chapter 10]

Natural gas combined cycles, biomass-based generation using gasifiers coupled to internal combustion engines, photovoltaic, small wind, small hydroelectric for applications remote from grids. [Chapter 10]

One problem posed by current gasifiers used in China is that they produce substantial tars (condensable hydrocarbons that are scrubbed from the gas before delivery to consumers).. [Chapter 10]

They cut their way through security fences before placing their limpet mines, which they carried hidden under their overalls, on the purifiers and gasifiers of the refinery.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

This makes the efficient organization of the fuel supply (commercialisation of charcoal production for the gasifiers) as well as the technical back up much easier.. [8. Non-technical aspects of gasifier operation in the field]

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Trees are a natural carbon sink. The wood can later be harvested for energy, using gasifier…

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