Definitions of "General"

Concerned with, applicable to, or affecting the whole or every member of a class or category. adjective

Affecting or characteristic of the majority of those involved; prevalent. adjective

Of or affecting the entire body. adjective

Being usually the case; true or applicable in most instances but not all. adjective

Not limited in scope, area, or application. adjective

Not limited to or dealing with one class of things; diversified. adjective

Involving only the main features rather than precise details. adjective

Highest or superior in rank. adjective

A commissioned rank in the US Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps that is above lieutenant general. noun

One who holds this rank or a similar rank in another military organization. noun

The word "General" in example sentences

After the stricture and soreness of the lungs are removed, and the general febrile action is suppressed, it is desirable to give a _general tonic treatment_. A Newly Discovered System of Electrical Medication

In the assembly of the estates, therefore, held at Toledo, 1480, in spite of all opposition, it was determined to establish a tribunal, under the name of the general inquisition (_general inquisicion suprema_). Mysticism and its Results Being an Inquiry into the Uses and Abuses of Secrecy

Thus it only remains to treat in general of the question as to the reconcilableness of the idea of the origin of species through evolution, through gradual development, _in general_ with a theistic view of the world. The Theories of Darwin and Their Relation to Philosophy, Religion, and Morality

A chief cause of delay in marriage is the prospect of the burden and expense of an unrestricted flow of children into the family, and in Great Britain, since 1911, with the extension of the use of contraceptives, there has been a slight but regular increase not only in the general marriage rate but in the proportion of early marriages, although the _general_ mean age at marriage has increased. Essays in War-Time Further Studies in the Task of Social Hygiene

I repeat it, therefore, make it a principle in all cases, to aim as much as possible at the correction of those faults which are likely to be general, by _general measures_. The Teacher Or, Moral Influences Employed in the Instruction and Government of the Young

It is impossible to recall without a shudder that there was at that time neither money nor credit, that the pressing debts were immense, the revenues exhausted in anticipation, the resources annihilated, the public securities valueless, the coinage impoverished and without circulation, the discount-fund bankrupt, the general tax-exchequer (_ferme general_) on the point of failing to meet its bills, and the royal treasury reduced to two bags of A Popular History of France from the Earliest Times, Volume 6

"Well done, general in command of the flour (_general des farina_)," said the tremblers, admiring the military arrangements of Marshal Biron. A Popular History of France from the Earliest Times, Volume 6

He read everything connected with general politics (meaning by _general_ not personal politics) and with social philosophy. Memorials and Other Papers — Complete

He read everything connected with general politics (meaning by _general_ not personal politics) and with social philosophy. Memorials and Other Papers — Volume 1

I would also recommend to you to read useful books when you have time and to acquire a competent knowledge of History, both Ancient and Modern, especially that of the country in whose service you are engaged, as also such books as treat of your profession; and to pay particular attention to the lives and actions of those who have distinguished themselves in its service, who you will find to have been in general as remarkable for their moral, as for their military characters; and I hope you will endeavour to imitate them and, tho 'you may not acquire the rank, you must remember that you cannot become a _good general_ or even a good officer without first acquiring a competent knowledge of your profession. A Canadian Manor and Its Seigneurs The Story of a Hundred Years, 1761-1861

_for general use_, for no delusion is more common than for a teacher to suppose, that because a text-book which he has prepared and uses in manuscript, is better for _him_ than any other work which he can obtain, it will therefore be better for _general circulation_. The Teacher Or, Moral Influences Employed in the Instruction and Government of the Young

_existence_ in general; it is the essential in everything that exists, nay, it is _that_ whereby anything has existence at all; accordingly it is concerned and satisfied only with existence _in general_ and not with any definite individual existence; this is not its aim. Essays of Schopenhauer

Once we have articulated an account of the proper aims and limits of the criminal law, we can tackle various issues about its internal structure ” about the general principles and conditions of criminal liability (the so-called ˜general part™ of the criminal law), and about its definitions of specific offences (the Theories of Criminal Law

Mr. Hamilton elaborates his argument on this head with consummate power, and declares that "the only qualification" to the power of appropriation under the phrase "general welfare" is that the purpose for which the money is applied shall "be _general_, and not _local_, its operation extending in fact throughout the Twenty Years of Congress, Vol. 1 (of 2) From Lincoln to Garfield, with a Review of the Events Which Led to the Political Revolution of 1860

Moreover, the term "general solicitation" is even trickier and includes any offer to sell securities via mail, e-mail or other electronic transmission unless there is a substantive, pre-existing relationship between the company or a person acting on its behalf and the prospective investor. Scott Edward Walker: Raising Capital? 3 Tips for Entrepreneurs

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