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Definitions of "genuine"

  • Actually possessing the alleged or apparent attribute or character: genuine leather. adjective
  • Not spurious or counterfeit; authentic. See Synonyms at authentic. adjective
  • Honestly felt or experienced: genuine devotion. adjective
  • Actual; real: a genuine dilemma. adjective
  • Free from hypocrisy or dishonesty; sincere. adjective
  • Being of pure or original stock: a genuine Hawaiian. adjective
  • Belonging to, or proceeding from the original stock; native; hence, not counterfeit, spurious, false, or adulterated; authentic; real; natural; true; pure. adjective
  • Belonging to, or proceeding from, the original stock; native adjective
  • Belonging to the original stock; corresponding to an original type or source; hence, not spurious, false, or adulterated; not of a deceptive or affected character; true; real; sincere: applied to both persons and things: as, genuine descendants; genuine materials; a genuine text; a genuine man.
  • In zoology, typical; conformable to type; not aberrant: as, the genuine isopods. See Euisopoda.
  • not pretended; sincerely felt or expressed adjective
  • being or reflecting the essential or genuine character of something adjective
  • not fake or counterfeit adjective

The word "genuine" in example sentences

This is why we prefer the term genuine to authentic--it allows for many interpretations while still remaining true to tradition.. [Kurt Michael Friese: Chasing Chiles: Xnipec - A Touch of the Dogs Nose]

A few posts ago I asked what I called a genuine question about Islam's view on heroin, given the fact that the poppy is a staple crop in Afghanistan.. [A Genuine Answer]

Weber himself not only a great writer, but he's just a great guy, in fact his whole family are what I call genuine people.. [Archive 2008-09-01]

The Dalai Lama has said since 1979 that he has stepped back from the demand of independence and that he wants for the Tibetan people what they call genuine autonomy.. [CNN Transcript Mar 18, 2008]

He appealed to council officials not to simplify what he termed genuine and realistic demands of those in the township situation where socio-economic conditions were terrible.. [ANC Daily News Briefing]

"Well now that's what I call a genuine fact, the sort I was talking about," Mr. Flack replied.. [The Reverberator]

Let me see: it's a long time since I have had what I call a genuine holiday; I'll send an excuse tomorrow to the office.. [The Wrong Box]

Peace with the rebels, most of whom demand autonomy under what they call a "genuine federal system", has been set by the United States and the European Union as a condition for lifting sanctions on the former Burma, an underdeveloped but resource-rich country that has wilted under international isolation and inept army rule.. [Reuters: Press Release]

But this week Elin Jones announced plans to press ahead, mainly in north Pembrokeshire, despite recognising what she called the "genuine concern" of opponents.. [WalesOnline - Home]

That's what I call a genuine wedding march, just the same as for a funeral.. [Turandot, Princess of China A Chinoiserie in Three Acts]

In Washington, President Obama said Monday his envoy will have a vigorous engagement with parties in the region to try to achieve what he called genuine progress toward peace.. [RushPRnews - Newswire & Global Press Release Distribution]

He is now Commissioner of Social Security, one of the ultimate in genuine civil service positions.. [Stromata Blog:]

Others responded in genuine appreciation for this accomplishement.. [2009 May « Becca’s Byline]

Not that they were entirely lacking in genuine wit.. [When the Rat Pack ruled supreme]

Pity is another socially valuable response, and should be reserved for innocent people who are in genuine pain or who have fallen on misfortune.. [An Interview with Martha Stout]

I'm only a single guy here perplexing to cover 7 elections at once and call 'em as we see 'em in genuine time.. [FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: NY-23 Results by County ...]

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@KameronBennett: If you ever catch me caring, Know it’s genuine


@iam_olympia: Your charm has made its way to the Barretto sisters Maymay. From Julia to Claudia. Keep radiating that genuine positivity…


@aaronphilipxo: rt this if you’d like to see me/more models like me on the runway - specifically, models who are physically disabled. i’…


@RNRKentucky: You @SenWarren will NEVER be President. But I do have a question for you. Just how many bottles of beer do you think i…


@deadlynitshade Because your genuine Tasha .. down to your soul and it shows ! God bless you child ❤️

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Genuine Word Data

  • Pronunciations(jĕnˈyo͞o-ĭn)
  • Character7
  • Hyphenation gen u ine


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