Word GET
Character 3
Hyphenation get
Pronunciations /ɡɛt/

Definitions and meanings of "Get"

What do we mean by get?

To come into possession or use of; receive. intransitive verb

To meet with or incur. intransitive verb

To go after and obtain. intransitive verb

To go after and bring. intransitive verb

To purchase; buy. intransitive verb

To acquire as a result of action or effort. intransitive verb

To earn. intransitive verb

To accomplish or attain as a result of military action. intransitive verb

To obtain by concession or request. intransitive verb

To arrive at; reach. intransitive verb

To reach and board; catch. intransitive verb

To succeed in communicating with, as by telephone. intransitive verb

To become affected with (an illness, for example) by infection or exposure; catch. intransitive verb

To be subjected to; undergo. intransitive verb

To receive as retribution or punishment. intransitive verb



A difficult return or block of a shot.

Something gained; an acquisition.

Mild expletive. A North West of England term (esp. Lancashire) used similarly to the word "git" Urban Dictionary

Puerto Rican slang for a small house party It is short for the english word get-together Urban Dictionary

To grab the genitalia of another man Urban Dictionary

Vancouver local slang to tell a person to get fuck outta there. Extremely offensive. Don`t use it with strangers unless u wanna get into some serious fight. Urban Dictionary

A hook up, someone that your happy about, not a person you would deny having relations with. A hookup that is a person cooler/hotter/better than you Urban Dictionary

To "get" something means to "understand" it. Urban Dictionary

The north eastern (UK) version of git. A rather annoying person. Urban Dictionary

Obtain, receive, acquire Urban Dictionary

1. to leave immediately 2. to hurry up, get on with one's task. Urban Dictionary

This word is often used to scare someone or something away; shoo. Urban Dictionary

The word "get" in example sentences

Even beyond that most people in the province probably know residents who had never shown an interest in jigging a cod before they were told they couldn’t, and those same residents were among the first to decide they simply had to get out and “get their fish. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Rather than making it harder to get divorced, which would cause problems for people in abusive situations, why not just make it harder to *get* married? ❋ Unknown (2005)

Yes, -- and, to confirm my suspicions, here rattle in the drums and pipe in the fifes, wooing us to get up, _get up_, with music too peremptory to be harmonious. ❋ Various (N/A)

"How or where or when does not interest me -- but get him, you understand, _get him_!" ❋ Charles Caldwell Dobie (1912)

Three to get ready; and four to -- _get ready to go! ❋ Charles Madison Curry (1906)

_And by what law can you expect to get what you believe you can not get_? ❋ Orison Swett Marden (1887)

This enables me to easily get the hash value and update my page, whether that action is as simple as updating the page with the hash data itself, as shown below or whether it involves requesting data from the server based on a unique identifier stored in the hash: function HashChanged () {$get ( "content"). innerHTML = window. location.hash;} ❋ Unknown (2009)

So that when the little beginner in the use of language, as he wakes up in his crib, and stretching out his hands to his mother says, "I want _to get up_" she comes to take him, and replies, her face beaming with delight, "My little darling! you shall _get up_;" thus filling his mind with happiness at the idea that his mother is not only pleased that he attempts to speak, but is fully satisfied, and more than satisfied, with his success. ❋ Jacob Abbott (1841)

"It is impossible to say what quantity of gold the Kunsi may get; but their pretence that they _get none_ must be false, when every common Malay obtains from half to one bunkal per month. ❋ Henry Keppel (N/A)

Don't you see it -- can't you get it -- can't you _get_ it! " ❋ Unknown (1909)

Why don't you run after her and bawl like a baby for her to stop, whilst you get down on your knees and -- _get_ her to have you! " ❋ Thomas Nelson Page (1887)

"'I dinna care for that,' said he; 'if I dinna get it, I shall _get you_.' ❋ John Mackay Wilson (1819)

How did the term get popularized in its metaphorically broadened form? ❋ William Safire (2003)

WSJ : How did your name get thrown into the ring for the position? ❋ Diana Middleton (2011)

How much does McCain get from the Insurance Companies. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Now, what exactly does Cindy McCain get from the idiot government that's worth 1.7 million dollars? ❋ Unknown (2008)

What I can't get is a word processor from Microsoft that makes any sense at all. ❋ Unknown (2007)

[Give us] that back ['ere] you [cheeky] get! ❋ DrGreyhound (2007)

Person 1: [What are you doing] this weekend? Person 2: I’m going to [Juan]’s get on [Saturday]. ❋ Lamamidetupapi (2019)

[Should I get] [Isaac]? ❋ Daddydaddydaddy555 (2018)

- You moron, look what you did! Fuck off! - [Relax], it wasn`t [too big] a [deal]. - Just get. (guy leaves) ❋ L.Ana (2009)

"[bro], [gina] was such a good get" "[no man], you were a get for her" ❋ The Get Machinee (2009)

"When [Mary] told that [joke], did you [get it]?" ❋ Jason Forbes (2005)

[you are] such a [git], [go home]! ❋ Jonathan McTwattybollocks (2004)

I can get $[10] for [selling] my [guitar]. ❋ GeNaiHwa (2005)

1. "[Hurry] on, get!" 2. "I [told] them to get" ❋ Enrique Jr, (2007)

"You [ain't got] [nothing here], you ole crackhead," said [the old lady]. "Get!" ❋ Senica Harris (2006)

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