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Gird Gird, India, region of the Madhya Pradesh state in central India Gird, Iran, village in the East Azerbaijan Province, Iran Gird (geometry), also known as the great rhombidodecahedron, a nonconvex uniform polyhedron, indexed as U73 GIRD (Group for the Study of Reactive Motion), former Soviet research bureau founded in 1931 to study various aspects of rocketry.

What does the word gird mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word gird in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with gird and anagrams of gird.

Definitions of "gird"

  • To encircle with a belt or band. verb-transitive
  • To fasten or secure (clothing, for example) with a belt or band. verb-transitive
  • To surround. See Synonyms at surround. verb-transitive
  • To equip or endow. verb-transitive
  • To prepare (oneself) for action. verb-transitive
  • To prepare for action: "Men still spoke of peace but girded more sternly for war” ( W. Bruce Lincoln). verb-intransitive
  • gird (up) (one's) loins To summon up one's inner resources in preparation for action. idiom
  • To jeer or jeer at. verb-transitive
  • A sarcastic remark. noun
  • A sarcastic remark. noun
  • To jeer at. verb
  • To jeer. verb
  • To bind with a flexible rope or cord. verb
  • To encircle with, or as if with a belt. verb
  • A stroke with a rod or switch; a severe spasm; a twinge; a pang. noun
  • A cut; a sarcastic remark; a gibe; a sneer. noun
  • To gibe; to sneer; to break a scornful jest; to utter severe sarcasms. verb-intransitive
  • To strike; to smite. verb-transitive
  • To sneer at; to mock; to gibe. verb-transitive

The word "gird" in example sentences

So "gird" -- put on one the bonds of a prisoner instead of the ordinary girdle (Joh 21: 18).. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

110: "This coat of mail, this sword gird on," he said,. [Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral]

Man's wrath praises God by its futility before His power. restrain -- or, "gird"; that is, Thyself, as with a sword, with which to destroy, or as an ornament to Thy praise.. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

You made a few good observations, however, I don't quite know what a "gird" system is!. [xian's running monolog]

Gates, who is expected to leave his post later this year, predicted a greater role for the Navy and Air Force in the future and warned the Army to gird itself for a period of relative austerity compared with the gusher of defense spending that has sustained it over the past eight years.. [In one of final addresses to Army, Gates describes vision for military's future]

Dig in and gird yourself for a long battle, because with the caliber of the horses in this showdown, we expect this seesaw battle to continue all season long, right down to the wire next spring when the OHL playoffs commence.. [It's Hall ... it's Seguin ... now it's Hall back in the lead!]

So why gird ourselves for a fight with Iran, a proud country of 75 million people with whom we cannot go to war without taking leave of our senses?. [Simon Jenkins: Why Is Britain Ramping Up Sanctions Against Iran?]

To gird against this, the major credit-card companies in 2006 formed an industry group called the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council, which establishes minimum technical protections for businesses that accept credit cards.. [Hackers Shift Attacks to Small Firms]

The class struggle is here, and the optimistic American had better gird himself for the fray and put a stop to it, rather than sit idly declaiming that what ought not to be is not, and never will be.. [THE CLASS STRUGGLE]

Kindly genuflect before reading the linked article and gird yourself against the blasphemous comments of the infidel Bowman.. [Channeling Religious Impulses]

As European banks gird for more stringent regulation, lower-rated companies that have long depended on banks for funding—most recently Phones 4u and Swissport—are increasingly turning to the bond market instead.. [Europe Bonds See Growth]

And so while I do read the oddest articles for a cheap chuckle, I tend to read to gird myself to protect individual liberty.. [Shira Hirschman Weiss: Why Do Atheists Read the Religion Section?]

Lin urged developing countries to gird their economies for another downturn by identifying new drivers of growth, overhauling banking regulations to protect their banking sectors against transmitted financial shocks and fine-turning policies to sustain productivity and job creation.. [Be ready for downturn, World Bank tells developing nations]

He withdrew a flask from an inner pocket and took a quick sip to gird him on the way.. [The Keg of Knob Creek : Bev Vincent]

Technology companies are building patent portfolios to gird themselves for litigation.. [Motorola Mobility Narrows Loss]

With libertarian Ron Paul coming off his own strong finish and ready to join in the criticism, Mr. Romney now must gird for a multifront attack in New Hampshire and South Carolina, the next two states in the primary calendar and the places where he hopes to convince voters he is the party's best choice to go up against President Barack Obama.. [Multifront Attack Awaits Romney in New Hampshire]

Gird Translates

TurkishGird English to Turkish Translate
f. (-ed veya girt) kuşak sarmak; kayışla bağlamak, sarmak, çevrelemek; kuşatmak, ihata etmek; giydirmek; hazırlamak, teçhiz etmek.f. (-ed veya girt) kuşak sarmak; kayışla bağlamak, sarmak, çevrelemek; kuşatmak, ihata etmek; giydirmek; hazırlamak, teçhiz etmek.

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