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Hyphenation glade
Pronunciations /ɡleɪd/

Definitions and meanings of "Glade"

What do we mean by glade?

An open space in a forest. noun

A tract of marshland. noun

The common buzzard, Buteo vulgaris. noun

An open space in a wood or forest, either natural or artificially made; especially, such an opening used as a place for catching game; an opening or passage through a wood. noun

An opening in the ice of rivers or lakes, or a place left unfrozen; also, a space of smooth ice or an ice-covered surface: as, the path was a glade of ice. noun

An everglade. noun

An open passage through a wood; a grassy open or cleared space in a forest. noun

An everglade. noun

An opening in the ice of rivers or lakes, or a place left unfrozen; also, smooth ice. noun

See under Bottom. noun

In England, a net used for catching woodcock and other birds in forest glades. noun

An open passage through a wood; a grassy open or cleared space in a forest. noun

An everglade. noun

An open space in the ice on a river or lake noun

A bright surface of snow/ice ... a glade of ice noun

A gleam of light; see moonglade noun

A bright patch of sky; the bright space between clouds noun

A tract of land with few or no trees in the middle of a wooded area noun

An open passage through a wood; a grassy open or cleared space in a forest.

An everglade.

An open space in the ice on a river or lake.

A bright surface of ice or snow.

A gleam of light.

A bright patch of sky; the bright space between clouds.

To take a bottle of air freshener and put a towel over the top to act as a filter then inhale the fumes of the air freshener while you are pressing down the button. creating a brief euphoric, dizzyness, and confused 5-10 minutes depending on how many times you do it. Urban Dictionary

Plug it in plug it in Urban Dictionary

CAUTION MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS TO THE MAZE RUNNER SERIES: The glade; second setting described in the maze runner book. Home of the gladers, a group of fictional characters being used as test subjects in a fictional experiment. Urban Dictionary

A synonymn for sunglasses (shades/glasses) Urban Dictionary

A romantic one night relationship Urban Dictionary

A suck ass town--exit 29 on I-81, close to Abingdon/Bristol. All that live here are mostly rednecks and some want to be thugs, that sell Dope and do drugs on the daily. What a lovely place to live. Urban Dictionary

Noun: A term for a pair of Chauchy Sunglasses or Shades. The term came from the pairing of Glasses/Shades. Urban Dictionary

Imagine a place that is mainly latino, or black. This place has fuckin people who are as pale as casper the ghost who are trying to be black or claim to be latino. This school is so dull and drab to the point where the most interesting thing to ever happen at this fucking school is probably a fight between two fuckboys or chicks whose fucking diets consist of solely hot cheetos. Scratch that, there’s probably some absolute loser who gets busted for drugs, probably because someone snitched and got them roped. The teachers are so boring and erratic to the point where blowing my fucking brains out would be better than sitting in a classroom. Fuck this school, I can’t wait to graduate and I fucking hope that the principal sees this because this school HAS to be the shittiest shithole to ever be created. Peace. Urban Dictionary

The term "Glade can" refers to the size of a penis which is both lenghthy and has substantial girth, and resembles a "Glade can." Urban Dictionary

The realest city in the Muck!!! Known for its notorious football team the Glades Central Raiders...always State Champs!! We breed the realest gangstas and finest dimez!!Yall dont know nuthin bout that!!! Urban Dictionary

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The word "glade" in example sentences

On either side of the glade was a fence, of the old stake-and-rider type, though little of it was to be seen, so thickly was it overgrown by wild blackberry bushes, scrubby oaks and young madrono trees. ❋ Unknown (2010)

In the latter days of a ferocious winter, the sun dropped earthwards, having on this day pulled clear of its sluggish trajectory casting a few meek rays on the redoubtable snow and frost of the mountain glade. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Justen's eyes clouded for a moment, recalling the glade, the stream, Dayala. ❋ Modesitt, L. E. (1995)

In the center of the glade was a table, set for three. ❋ Lackey, Mercedes (1995)

The villa of white marble was built on a gentle rising knoll, prettily wooded, at the foot of which running through a glade was a tiny streamlet clear as crystal, which with its ripple and the singing of the birds lent music to the air. ❋ Annie Gregg Savigny (N/A)

The glade was a little world in itself, with visitors and tenants, comedy and tragedy, sounds and silences. ❋ William Beebe (1919)

It was a lawn of sweet close turf in the center of the matted brake, of clean firm earth from which no shameful growth sprouted, and near the middle of the glade was a stump of a felled yew-tree, left untrimmed by the woodman. ❋ Arthur Machen (1905)

And in the midst of the glade was a grave that had not been made many months, and a granite stone stood at the head. ❋ Burt L. Standish (1905)

The glade was their pleasure-ground; they wandered hither and thither hearkening each other's speech, and waking the song of the birds by their footsteps. ❋ Alfred Biese (1893)

You know that at the end of the Long Pond there is a very large wood which grows upon a slope; at the foot of the slope there is an open space or glade, which is a very convenient spot for an ambush. ❋ Richard Jefferies (1867)

The explanation is simple: the glade is a mile distant from water -- the nearest being that of the creek already mentioned as running past the cabin of the squatter. ❋ Mayne Reid (1850)

It was a kind of glade in the forest, made by a fall; seedlings were already starting up to struggle for the vacant space; and beyond, the dense growth of stems and twining vines and splashes of fungus and flowers closed in again. ❋ Herbert George (2006)

And he led them to a kind of glade ringed with shattered columns. ❋ Edward Ormondroyd (N/A)

Presently we made out on the edge of the dust a line of horsemen opening out on a kind of glade on the hillside, and the ❋ Filson Young (1907)

Jeanine Davies 'bombastically eerie lighting, and Tom Zwitserlood's creepy woodland soundscape, is an outdoorsy house of horrors with a downtown edge: a "glade" underneath the theater's stage is adorned with hundreds of maimed plastic dolls. ❋ Unknown (2009)

yo man [i ain't] got no weed, no drink, no [nuthin], yo im finna go do some glade ima [get fucked] up ❋ MC Black Attack (2005)

[glade] plug-ins [have been] known to cause house [fires] ❋ Winnie The Shit (2003)

[I wish] we were [back home] in the glade. ❋ BETCHACANTGUESS (2015)

"[Ahh]'s so [sunny] out right now, [I need] my glades" ❋ Kcaa..Awwlieee..Keelll (2006)

look at [johnnny] over there...[looks like] he is having a [glade]! ❋ Jenna And Dawne (2004)

[I live] in Glade [Spring].--([suck ass] town) ❋ Xoxdeexox (2008)

"Bro I'm so fuckin' [yoked], i think i should wear my [glades] to the gym..." "Dude, those glades are [sick as] fuuuuuuu" ❋ Tanner / Matt (2012)

[Thing One]: Hey man wanna know something that’s more dangerous and boring than Taravella? Thing Two: No, [what is it]? Thing One: [Coral Glades High] School! ❋ Arcticm0nkeys03 (2019)

"Look. I don't know what kind of dicks [ya'll] been fuckin, but the kinds I be fuckin... is like a Glade can!" "If it ain't like a "Glade can" I don't be [feelin it] all up in my walls [n shit]!" ❋ Mr. Chow Makes The Bed Rock! (2013)

Man 1: Where are you from? Man 2: My nigga im [4rm] Belle Glade!! Rep where ya stay!! Man 1: Word! [The Muck]!!? Man 2: yea [cuh] ❋ Kukubee (2007)

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