Character 5
Hyphenation glide
Pronunciations /ˈɡlaɪd/

Definitions and meanings of "Glide"

What do we mean by glide?

To move in a smooth, effortless manner: synonym: slide. intransitive verb

To move silently and furtively. intransitive verb

To occur or pass imperceptibly. intransitive verb

To fly without propulsion from wings or an engine. intransitive verb

To blend one tone into the next; slur. intransitive verb

To articulate a glide in speech. intransitive verb

To cause to move or pass smoothly, silently, or imperceptibly. intransitive verb

The act of gliding. noun

A slur. noun

The transitional sound produced by passing from the articulatory position of one speech sound to that of another. noun

To move smoothly and without discontinuity or jar; pass or slip along without apparent effort; sweep along with a smooth, easy, rapid motion, as a stream in its channel, a bird through the air, or a ship through the water.

Specifically In music, to pass from tone to tone without break; slur.

In cricket, to glance; allow the ball to meet the bat and be deflected from it, usually to the leg side.

A gliding movement; the act of moving smoothly and evenly. noun

In music and pronunciation, the joining of two successive sounds without a break; a transition-sound involuntarily produced between two principal sounds; a slur. noun

In dancing, a peculiar waltz-step performed in a smooth and sliding manner. noun

In phonetics, a fleeting sound produced in passing from one position of the organs of speech to another, as in pronouncing the sound-combination ki in the word ‘kind’ designated the off-glide of the first letter and the on-glideof the second . noun

In cricket, a glance; a stroke by which, instead of being hit, the ball is allowed to strike the bat and to be deflected from it, usually to the leg side. noun

The act of gliding.

A transitional sound, especially a semivowel.

An attack or preparatory movement made by sliding down the opponent’s blade, keeping it in constant contact.

A bird, the glede or kite.

A kind of cap affixed to the base of the legs of furniture to prevent it from damaging the floor.

The joining of two sounds without a break.

A smooth and sliding step in dancing the waltz.

The movement of a worm. Urban Dictionary

To mean as in to fight or beat up violently. Urban Dictionary

UK Slang: The equivalent of being on a warpath or looking for vengeance. (Please stop posting nonsense definitions) Urban Dictionary

A street side parking space that has enough room in advance of the intended spot, so that one can simply glide into the space, without the necessity of parallel parking or jumping the curb (not good for vehicles with CV joints, but done regularly, nevertheless). The more vacant spots in advance of the target spot, the better. Urban Dictionary

The Glide is a move that guys do to girls at bars or clubs. As a guy is passing by a girl, under the guise of trying to get through the crowd, he will put his hand on her lower back. During this, he will let his hand glide down from her lower back to her ass. Urban Dictionary

To push something (a dick) into something (vagina) swiftly. Urban Dictionary

The sexual act of lining up 10+ naked errect males on the floor ‘top to tail’ covered in baby oil. The ‘glider’ himself also oiled up, takes a run up to the group of pre oiled men. Who then runs and and glides across the men on his stomach. With the errect penis either side of him, like going between road cones in a contra flow. Urban Dictionary

69ing two male members. Two dudes lay with their genitals together but reclined oppositely (toe-to-head and head-to-toe). The goal is to enfold the head of each cock in the scrote of the other. The word “gliding” describes the way the bottoms of the dickshafts rub together. Urban Dictionary

To have an obvious crush on a slightly older girl, but to be too wimpy to ask her out, even after months of preparation. The crush is usually unrequited because the crusher is an Animal Jam geek. Urban Dictionary

When two penises attempt a docking maneuver, but miss the target and wind up rubbing along each others' shafts Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Glide

The word "glide" in example sentences

Cavic began his glide into the wall, arms out straight underwater, and Phelps made a split-second decision to take a fast half-stroke, although a glide is usually the more effective finish. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Yet, I can hear a slight glide from the strong vowel to the schwa before the rhotic r is pronounced in these words in American English. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Adults flushed bird, turned him to me with missed shots, cock passed me in glide, and I brought him down. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Mark Grimmette and Brian Martin glide through their first run before the crash. ❋ Unknown (2006)

I also assume you will dial back your risk over time as you near retirement, which is called a "glide path" in the online tool. ❋ Unknown (2011)

And I would anticipate some type of - they are using the word glide for Citizens rates to go up. ❋ Unknown (2009)

One reason fund companies give for this "through" strategy -- that is, a glide path that invests "through retirement" instead of "to retirement" -- is that retirees are in danger of outliving their assets; the potential growth provided by equities is a way of managing longevity risk for decades, some fund companies say. ❋ Andrea Coombes (2011)

With visibility reportedly at less than half a mile at the time, a commercial aircraft typically would have been relying on an instrument landing system providing its pilots a so-called glide slope to help safely descend toward the runway. ❋ Andy Pasztor (2010)

Many Ways to Glide Target-date funds are typically weighted toward stocks early in the investor's career and shift toward lower-risk bonds as the retirement year in the fund's name gets closer — a progression known as the glide path. ❋ Jane Hodges (2010)

There are now more consultants willing to take on the fiduciary duty of setting up so-called glide paths, which are the schedules for how a fund's assets will be reallocated over time, and of choosing investment managers. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I want to point out those two white strips there, and that is about a 1,000 down the end of the runway, and that's where the instrument-landing system, which they would have used in bad weather, would take the airplane typically, the so-called glide zone. ❋ Unknown (2005)

If every other unit of a periodic pattern is mirror reversed, such as RЯRЯRЯR ..., the symmetry is called a glide reflection. ❋ Gardner, Martin (1992)

Over the next 20 years, the fund company will ratchet stock-market risk down to 20% before the fund's so-called glide path levels out.

The Minister of Communications, Siphiwe Nyanda, yesterday criticised MTN, Cell C and Vodacom's proposal to decrease the interconnection rate over a three-year period in a process described as a glide path, saying that this would take too long and was unfair to consumers. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Ofcom always intended that the cost of termination would fall slowly towards the 2010 / 11 target, in a process known as the glide path, but that glide was commenced in 2007 aiming at ❋ Unknown (2009)

And each firm has its own theory on what's called the glide path, how the mix of stock and bond funds should change as the fund nears its target date. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Instead of [working], you [chose] to glide like [a worm]! ❋ Oga Nla (2015)

[bro],u [need] to [get on] sumwhere before i glide you. ❋ Icee Baller 34 (2007)

I tried to calm Tony down but he's glidin' ([gliding]). He's [on smoke], [fuming]! ❋ Sorrowful_mage (2021)

Stoners, the morbidly obese and people over 50, will cruise endlessly for [glide in] spots. It is rumored that the last glide in [parking space] in Manhattan was spotted sometime around 1935. And for the really serious parker, there is the Super [Glide In]. (Which is a Glide In combined with a [Glide] Out.) ❋ Miker2001 (2009)

"That creepy guy just walked [by me] [and did] [the glide]." - any girl at a bar on any night ever. ❋ Definitely Not Me Really (2012)

Glide that [dick] into [Sylvianne's] [vagina]! ❋ Vivvi (2016)

Hey Ant, are you coming [to the pub] tonight? “[No sorry] I’ve got a night of [gliding] lined up”. ❋ Beardo (2018)

[Oscar] and [Jayden] got tired of giving mutual [jaw]. So they tried gliding. ❋ Fickeroffick (2018)

Person 1: Damn, that kid really is [Gliding] that girl [Sylvianne]. Person 2: Yeah, he's literally spent all his free time preparing to ask her on a date but he keeps [chickening out] and EVERYONE knows it. Person 1: I almost feel bad for him. It's obvious she doesn't like him because he's an animal Jam geek. Person 2: What a Glide. ❋ Ciao Billy (2016)

oh dude, me and bro tried to [dock], but we used too much [lube] and we [wound up] gliding. ❋ Theglidemaster (2014)

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