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Definitions of "globe"

  • A body with the shape of a sphere, especially a representation of the earth in the form of a hollow ball. noun
  • The earth. noun
  • A planet. noun
  • A spherical or bowllike container, especially a glass cover for a light bulb. noun
  • A sphere emblematic of sovereignty; an orb. noun
  • To assume the shape of or form into a sphere. verb-transitive
  • Any spherical object noun
  • The planet Earth. noun
  • A spherical model of Earth or any planet. noun
  • A light bulb. noun
  • To become spherical verb
  • A round or spherical body, solid or hollow; a body whose surface is in every part equidistant from the center; a ball; a sphere. noun
  • Anything which is nearly spherical or globular in shape noun
  • The earth; the terraqueous ball; -- usually preceded by the definite article. noun
  • A round model of the world; a spherical representation of the earth or heavens; ; -- called also artificial globe. noun
  • A body of troops, or of men or animals, drawn up in a circle; -- a military formation used by the Romans, answering to the modern infantry square. noun
  • To gather or form into a globe. verb-transitive
  • To form into a round ball or sphere; gather round or into a circle; conglobate.
  • To raise as a globe or sphere.

The word "globe" in example sentences

"_Voyez à ce sujet mon ouvrage intitulé: De l'influence du mouvement des eaus sur la surface du globe terrestre, et des indices du déplacement continuel du bassin des mers, ainsi que de son transport successif sur les différens points de la surface du globe_" (no date).. [Lamarck, the Founder of Evolution His Life and Work]

Once again we are reminded that the capital of the most powerful democratic nation on the globe is a one party town: Democrats rule, by outnumbering Republicans 10-1 in registered voters.. [DeMorning DeBonis: Nov. 2, 2010]

Inside the globe is a sturdy, heavy duty filter that sifts litter from waste as the globe rotates.. [SciFi, Fantasy & Horror Collectibles - Part 1008]

The societal trend around the globe is a greater interest in entrepreneurship.. [Women Lawyers--Back on Track]

You might think getting a globe is as relevant as going to see a phrenologist.. [Globe-Trot In Style]

We are able to post information and within a second someone on the other side of the globe is able to read it.. [Next Stop: Free Google Domain Names « Squash]

And competent economists and engineers who have surveyed the district and its resources, its accessibility to the markets of the world and the easy availability to it of raw materials, have declared unhesitatingly that nowhere else in all the globe is there an area better fitted to support a dense industrial population.. [National Policy—1939 Version]

So according to Zachriel the globe is not warming …. [About: Blinded by Science]

Makes ya wonder what we could do with the Hundreds of Billions everyone on the globe is spending moving backwards?. [Obama scraps Bush-era missile defense for new plan]

Learning the motivation behind his mask and moniker is the tip of the iceberg in a story spanning the globe from the United Kingdom to war-torn Afghanistan to the drug war in Mexico.. [Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Comic Book | My[confined]Space]

That report initially started with a prediciton of a 7 degree rise in temps, then revised that to be 3 degrees, then most recently came out with the statement – we cannot explain why the globe is cooling, but there's no getting around that it is.. [CNN Poll: Skepticism on global warming heating up?]

Stepping on their major talking point – the evidence that the globe is warming was faked!. [Matthew Yglesias » Wednesday Arctic Ice Blogging]

The average temperature of the globe is well below the optimal for humans and their crops.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » It’s Time to Admit that CO2 Abatement is Going to be Freaking Expensive]

That the globe is empirically warming is fact; it is "unequivocal" (see here and here).. [Bill Chameides: Dawkins at Duke: Just the Facts, Ma'am.]

The problem that we share across the globe is (that) the percentage of women in senior management levels in the banking sector is very embarrassing, says Sekitto-Ntale.. [Global Banking Alliance Empowers Women to Lead in Business]

A top association representing financial institutions and banks around the globe is calling on the world's leading economies to step up efforts to work together and resolve currency issues to help re-balance the global economy.. [Group Calls for Agreement on Global Currencies]

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  • Pronunciations(glōb)
  • Character5
  • Hyphenation globe


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