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Definitions of "gnashed"

  • Simple past tense and past participle of gnash. verb

The word "gnashed" in example sentences

He even hung by one hand, tantalizingly just beyond reach, and mocked them as they gnashed their tusks with impotent rage.. [CHAPTER III]

Still the chase went on, and still the Folk screeched, beat their chests, and gnashed their teeth.. [CHAPTER XVI]

The monster saw my determination in my face, and gnashed his teeth in the impotence of anger.. [Chapter 3]

I gnashed my teeth, and ground them together, uttering a groan that came from my inmost soul.. [Chapter 7]

I thought of him, I gnashed my teeth, my eyes became inflamed, and. [Chapter 9]

Everyone wailed and gnashed their teeth, even though Thriller was 25 years ago.. [Mourning in America | Heretical Ideas Magazine]

As a mother of a barely teen girl, I gnashed my teeth at her Twilight obsession.. [Today's Book Review]

If nothing else, I would enjoy the image of a stupid troll, teeth gnashed and face red, being forced to switch identities every few minutes.. [Think Progress » Hannity: Snow Storms ‘Seem To Contradict Al Gore’s Hysterical Global Warming Theories’]

Clothes torn and teeth gnashed, I'd sit down again, re-examine my word choices, reshuffle note cards, and, late in the night, send another poor piece of copy out to meet its inevitable demise.. [Seeing Red: To Write Is to Edit]

He gnashed his teeth, struggling to keep his legs still—. [Dreams of a Dark Warrior]

Davis avoids the traditional devil imagery of horns and wings, and breeds his own appalling vision of damnation with plenty of gnashed teeth and tentacles.. [October 2009]

Plenty of gnashed teeth and sweaty brows abound (pairing nicely with Jason's all-too-brief, quiet look at Spider-Man).. [Graphic Novel Friday: "Strange Tales"]

Cameras gnashed the moment they poised in place, their dual profiles instinctively reposed in the bath of white flashes.. [Carl Sferrazza Anthony: How Hollywood Helped Reagan Change Washington (PHOTOS)]

"You've done all you can," he nasalled gently, as Chesney gnashed his gums and rent his Primark brushed-cotton mourning wear.. [World of Lather]

Teeth were gnashed, fans on forums were furious – and bucketloads were sold.… or Pegasus Boots, as the Nike Air Max of Hyrule are known.. [Zelda is 25, here's what we've learned]

And if at weddings I have gritted and gnashed my teeth, it was because I knew where the bridegroom had sunk his manhood, and knew it would not be resurrected by a piece of cake.. [March « 2010 « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground]

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@Coelasquid I did this with a porterhouse steak at a Pathfinder game once It was cooked between medium rare and rar…


@SevenShepherd: "When they heard these things, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth." ~Acts 7:54 #Jesus…


"When they heard these things, they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him with their teeth." ~Acts 7:54 #Jesus #God #Bible


@davidakin How the Liberals gnashed their teeth and wailed at the Harper Govt when they did this. They are just as…


And our clothes are all too often ripped And our teeth are all too often gnashed And it lasts as long as it possibly can

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