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Definitions and meanings of "Goldenrod"

What do we mean by goldenrod?

Any of numerous chiefly North American plants of the genus Solidago of the composite family, having clusters of small usually yellow flower heads that bloom in late summer or fall. noun

Same as gray goldenrod. noun

A plant of the genus Solidago, the species of which have numerous small golden heads: these in the original species, S. Virgaurea of Europe, are arranged in a wand-like spike. See Solidago. noun

A tall herb (Solidago Virga-aurea), bearing small yellow flowers in a graceful elongated cluster. The name is common to all the species of the genus Solidago. noun

A shrub (Bosea Yervamora), a native of the Canary Isles. noun

A tall-stemmed, plant with clusters of small yellow flowers. noun

A golden-yellow colour, like that of the goldenrod plant. noun

Of a golden-yellow colour, like that of the goldenrod plant. adjective

Any of numerous chiefly summer-blooming and fall-blooming North American plants especially of the genus Solidago noun

Any tall-stemmed plant principally from genus Solidago (also Oligoneuron), usually with clusters of small yellow flowers.

A golden-yellow colour, like that of the goldenrod plant.

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The word "goldenrod" in example sentences

The goldenrod is a golden yellow, and the bright yellow Jerusalem artichoke flowers are blooming in great bunches along some highways. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The occurrence and vigor of certain herbaceous plants are especially indicative of fertility of the soil, as, for example, ragweed, bindweed, certain plants of the sunflower family, such as goldenrod, asters and wild sunflowers. ❋ Thomas Forsyth Hunt (1894)

Green Lane and 300-acre Fulshaw Craeg Preserve in Salford Township, which features 75 percent of the state's growth of a particular kind of goldenrod, Gilchrist said.

Yellow: 2 tablespoons turmeric, 1/2 cup dried marigolds, goldenrod or cosmos, or a handful of carrot tops ❋ Robyn Griggs Lawrence (2011)

Over this was draped with white chiffon, on which a pattern of goldenrod, the National flower, was embroidered in silver. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Where the high minko had been buried, goldenrod, daisies, and sunflowers sprouted. ❋ W. Michael Gear (2011)

She sings and the sky opens up – a raging storm thunder-flash strike of significance – a wind whispering cool with the sweet smell of late-summer goldenrod – the warm sun ripening the fruit on the vine. ❋ Unknown (2010)

What will the puppet show need to include for students to understand the life of a goldenrod gallfly, for example? ❋ Unknown (2011)

Jillie leads me through an opening in the brush, a path lined with white knotweed and purple morning glories that opens up, just beyond the briers of blackberry vines that have long been picked clean by quail and finches, into a meadow lighted with goldenrod and sunlight against the rusty tops of tall grasses, striving against the subtle blues of the lobelia and the aggressive reds of jack-in-the-pulpits. ❋ Jason Lee Miller (2011)

How far can we go in this stretch of tall grass and goldenrod? ❋ Mira Bartók (2011)

There was nothing charming about the scene today—just dead, brown goldenrod and crashed-over clumps of yellow grass. ❋ Elizabeth Woods (2011)

No one had that whistle and in the tall goldenrod fields of Carters WMU he flushed two birds and always knew were I was because this was a tone different from all other hunters. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Walk among mature trees in their fall colors and enjoy late-blooming perennials such as white wood aster, goldenrod and Joe-Pye weed. 2 p.m. Meadowlark Botanical Gardens. ❋ Joel M. Lerner (2010)

Suzie had just taken a bite of [a twinkie], and when i pointed my finger at my [pelvic] region, she then promptly removed my pants and gave me a [goldenrod]. ❋ Jdbuhbshcvdub (2011)

Dude, have you seen Chip today? He was supposed to be on a [conference call]. No dude, Goldenrod is [caddying] for [John Daly] in Thailand this week. ❋ Nphilbro (2009)

[OMG]! See [that man] [over there]? He's my Goldenrod! ❋ Dkuk69 (2018)

Boy:hey did he see the new episode of Goldenrod Radio? Friend:[hell yes] [i did it] was [uber] ❋ DJ Daz (2009)

Person A: Have you seen Goldenrod Prime’s YouTube channel. [Person B]: No A: [omae wa mou shindeiru] B: [NANI] Person B explodes ❋ Goldenrod Prime (2018)

I just got my [boss's] [comments] back. [I've been] goldenrodded! ❋ Esmerelda Hortense (2007)

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