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Definitions of "google"

  • To deliver googlies. verb
  • To move as a ball in a googly. verb
  • An internet search, such as that which is performed on the Google search engine. noun
  • A match obtained by a query in the Google search engine. noun
  • To search for (something) on the Internet using the Google search engine. verb
  • To search for (something) on the Internet using any comprehensive search engine. verb
  • To be locatable in a search of the Internet. verb

The word "google" in example sentences

i think this is a first step of google and not the final would soon learn and mature for the mobile. [unexpected and unfortunate]

Hi, i have a website right now and its rank in google is no. 2 or no. 3.. [Secret Out – How Google Ranks Websites « Lorelle on WordPress]

Escobar has pitched in just one game over the ... nleastchatter. com 40 hours ago - Kelvim Escobar, which google translates as: Kelvim Escobar Some person named Francisco Blavia with a twitter account tweeted thrice in Spanish the following: Tweet # 1: Kelvim Escobar recibió su regalo navideño: acaba de llegar a un acuerdo con los Mets de Nueva York.. [BallHype - Top Sports News, Videos, and Blogs]

AFAIK immersive media were involved in google street view only for a short time and these days google has built their own cameras. the many sightings/photos of the google car in europe and other places confirm that their big camera is not the same one that you see on immersive media's site.. [Stupendous coral reef panorama - Boing Boing]

The scary thing is is that I spend the same amount of time on my google reader as I do in google documents.. [How to Write Quality Posts When You Have a Day Job | Write to Done]

April 17, 2009 at 8: 54 AM almost every time i send an email that needs an attachment, I'll type the body text and click send, completely forgetting to attach the file! the new undo feature in google labs (if you use gmail ... which you should) sounds like it would have saved a lot of commenters from a lot of grief!. [What’s Your Worst Email Gaffe? | Lifehacker Australia]

Her fabrication remains and is found in google searches.. [Stop the presses (Jack Bog's Blog)]

It didn't seem to be the catch-all results that I'm often looking for in google, but a nice complement instead.. [Alpha Google Adds Computational Answers To Google Results | Lifehacker Australia]

It seems they've followed in google's footsteps: theDevilsDue. [First Look At Wolfram Alpha’s Impressive Knowledge Computation | Lifehacker Australia]

The idea makes sense, except that google is not at all up to par with the rest of the field when it comes to contacts.. [Google Contacts Open To Non-Gmail Users | Lifehacker Australia]

Saturday, March 28 2009 yep google is taking over.. [Beware of Google’s New Personalized Ad System]

I've imported once 83000 (fake) contacts ... since then google is broken all over the place ... xrmb. [Google Contacts Open To Non-Gmail Users | Lifehacker Australia]

Second, you keep referring to Google Docs as Google Apps (which is the custom domain google app hosting service i.e. gmail, google docs, etc).. [Will Google Win When Microsoft Kills Office 2000?]

We've had this cupcake update for months ... google is your friend meedia muteboy. [Cupcake Adds Touchscreen Keyboard And More To Android | Lifehacker Australia]

Monday, May 3 2010 so many people are complainting that google is not paying good salaries, but i was shocked on seeing that google is paying more salaries. [Top 10 Tech Companies That Pay Engineers The Most]

Zoom levels in google maps include ‘lejos’ (far), and ‘cerrar’ (to close/quit).. [Planning For 10.10: Growing Our Translations Community | [email protected]]

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Huawei dice que el Mate 30 llevará Android, pero no incluirá las apps ni los servicios de Google - Andro4all


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@goando: Pixel4も楽しみだけど、Pixel Watchも待ってます。


@ViseaOSRS Baited! I definitely didnt google "can ironed shirts be ceeased?"


@majipre_panda Google Playで参加失礼します!

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