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Definitions of "gratis"

  • Without charge. adverb
  • free, without charge adverb
  • free, without charge adjective
  • For nothing; without fee or recompense; freely; gratuitously. adverb
  • For nothing; freely; without pay: as, to perform service gratis.
  • Gratuitous.
  • without payment adverb
  • costing nothing adjective

The word "gratis" in example sentences

Cleopatra _Cleopatra_ compatriot _compatriot_ gratis _gratis_ or _grahtis_ harem _harem_ or _hahrem_ heinous _hanous_ hiatus _hiatus_ implacable _implakable_ nape _nap_ née _na_ négligé _naglezha'_ patron _patron_ protégé _protazha'_ résumé _razuma'_ tenacious _tenashus_ tomato _tomato_ or _tomahto_ valet _va'la_ or _val'et_ vase _vas, vahz_, or _vaz_ veracious _verashus_ vivacious _vivashus_. [Practical Grammar and Composition]

The folk went down into the tank and coming forth, seated themselves on the raised pavement, whilst the boys shampooed them, even as Abu Sir had taught them; and they continued to enter the Hammam and do their need therein gratis and go out, without paying, for the space of three days.. [The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night]

It is sometimes referred to as the gratis blow, or the mnemonic blow.. [Guardsman Of Gor]

I can't imagine why he did it, unless it were to get a lesson in English gratis, of which he was sadly in need.. [In the Courts of Memory, 1858 1875; from Contemporary Letters]

These events are largely covered by media conglomerates that operate 'gratis' -- FREE -- on the airwaves owned by the American public and an important resource in a multi-party system of government in getting all sides of the message out; not just the Neocons & GOPs.. [OpEdNews - Quicklink: New Patriot Act Provision Creates Tighter Barrier to Officials at Public Events]

[...] in gratis datingsites zit, demonstreerde Markus door een foto van zijn AdSense cheque te tonen op zijn blog.. [Small Companies & Google Adsense is the future « The Paradigm Shift]

What she and others who are seduced by these false ads eventually learn is the so-called gratis Apple device is in fact an online coupon scam.. [Kelly E. Carter: The Rise of Coupon Scams Online]

I present the idea gratis to any enterprising people who are troubled with the question.. [Impressions of a War Correspondent]

Now grace is attributed to the Holy Ghost, inasmuch as it is through love that God gives us something gratis, which is the very nature of grace: while the Holy Ghost is love.. [Summa Theologica, Part III (Tertia Pars) From the Complete American Edition]

The information must come naturally, that is to say gratis, if not out of the heart of the citizen, then gratis out of the newspaper.. [Public Opinion]

Joy now beamed in every countenance Some received letters from their friends and relations Some received the public papers and news of the day others consoled themselves with the idea of getting a blanket a Cotton Shirt or a few pints of Coffee and sugar to sweeten it just by way of a treat gratis that is to say by paying 2,000 percent on the first cost by way of accommodation for instance. [Journal of a Trapper]

News, according to Lippmann, "must come naturally, that is to say gratis, if not out of the heart of the citizen, then gratis out of the newspaper.". [The Full Feed from]

Preface-writer-General to distressed versemen; a kind of gratis. [Byron's Poetical Works, Volume 1]

Will France have been at all this expense 'gratis'?. [Complete Project Gutenberg Earl of Chesterfield Works]

She works "gratis" in some cases, so that has to be seen as a trade-off for some sort of National Party recognition down the track ... a prestigious job or gong .... that is appalling. report this. [National Business Review (NBR) New Zealand]

I don't mind working off my dues and staying with the dive centre longer then my training as a "gratis" instructor paid with just a intern accomodation if its more economically viable for the centre.. []

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  • Pronunciations(grătˈĭs, gräˈtĭs, grāˈ-)
  • Character6
  • Hyphenation gra tis


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