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Definitions of "great"

  • Very large in size. adjective
  • Larger in size than others of the same kind. adjective
  • Large in quantity or number: A great throng awaited us. See Synonyms at large. adjective
  • Extensive in time or distance: a great delay. adjective
  • Remarkable or outstanding in magnitude, degree, or extent: a great crisis. adjective
  • Of outstanding significance or importance: a great work of art. adjective
  • Chief or principal: the great house on the estate. adjective
  • Superior in quality or character; noble: "For he was great, ere fortune made him so” ( John Dryden). adjective
  • Powerful; influential: one of the great nations of the West. adjective
  • Eminent; distinguished: a great leader. adjective
  • Grand; aristocratic. adjective
  • Informal Enthusiastic: a great lover of music. adjective
  • Informal Very skillful: great at algebra. adjective
  • Informal Very good; first-rate: We had a great time at the dance. adjective
  • Being one generation removed from the relative specified. Often used in combination: a great-granddaughter. adjective
  • Archaic Pregnant. adjective
  • One that is great: a composer considered among the greats. noun
  • Music A division of most pipe organs, usually containing the most powerful ranks of pipes. noun
  • Music A similar division of other organs. noun

The word "great" in example sentences

* The latest entry mixes it up with a clip from "The Hunt For Red October," which out of context, makes a pretty great statement on the great** state of Arizona.. [Even Sean Connery Is Aware Of Arizona's Backwards Law (VIDEO)]

Sat and read a great book, there were mostly adults, afternoon..great coffee!. [Another place for parents in Portland]

JIO: Thanks for recommending that GE Timmeh diary to us…..great find and a great read!. [Firedoglake » Late Nite FDL: Place Your Bets]

Isn;t it great to have them competing..great options for us as users.. [How Yahoo Got Its Mojo Back]

I assure you the first of August brought a great, _great_ relief to me.. [The Anti-Slavery Examiner, Omnibus]

Secondly, because, often in times of great mental strain, combined with exposure, a glass of spirits will give _great temporary relief_ (which is of itself a dangerous fact for a weak-minded man), but this will always be followed by depression, and will in reality be doing great harm instead of lasting good.. [Scientific American Supplement, No. 832, December 12, 1891]

I would have made him great -- _great_ beyond his dreams!. [The Royal Pawn of Venice A Romance of Cyprus]

It was however, not given, as our intelligent guide veritably assured us, in honor of the Great Crossings where the man lives who killed Tecumseh, but because two great caves cross here; and moreover said he, "the valiant Colonel ought to change the name of his place, as no two places in a State should bear the same name, and this being the _great_ place ought to have the preference.". [Rambles in the Mammoth Cave, during the Year 1844 By a Visiter]

"_And there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great_.". [The Mark of the Beast]

After the death of Abraham, we have a view of Isaac at Gerar, when he had come into the possession of this estate; and this is the description given of him: "And the man waxed great, and went forward, and grew until he became very great; for he had possession of flocks, and possession of herds, and _great store of servants_.". [Cotton is King, and Pro-Slavery Arguments Comprising the Writings of Hammond, Harper, Christy, Stringfellow, Hodge, Bledsoe, and Cartrwright on This Important Subject]

Daniel Webster was a great statesman, Therefore Daniel Webster was farsighted_, sounds simple; but two generations have disagreed on the question whether Webster was a great statesman; and both _great statesman_ and _farsighted_ are such vague and inclusive terms that one would either accept a general principle of which they are terms as a harmless truism, or else balk at being asked to grant a proposition which might have unexpected meanings thrust into it.. [The Making of Arguments]

For some eighteen years he was occupied in exploring and in opening telegraphlines through the eastern or northmiddle part of the great forest state, the wilderness state of the “matto grosso” —the “great wilderness, ” or, as Australians would call it, “the bush.. [IV. The Headwaters of the Paraguay]

"He must have a great soul," she said to herself over and over again during the drive home, "a great, _great_ soul.". [The Princess Priscilla's Fortnight]

A _great_ spirit, a great and noble spirit, has passed from the earth, his earthly tabernacle is taken down to be raised again -- glorious and immortal, a fitting abode for a spirit of the just. [George Borrow and His Circle Wherein May Be Found Many Hitherto Unpublished Letters Of Borrow And His Friends]

We now go on to see the _great salamander_ of Japan, an animal rare in this country, and quite unknown elsewhere, a great cold mass; sluggish and benumbed, looking like some antediluvian _experiment_, forgotten in the inner seas of this archipelago.. [Madame Chrysantheme]

For great, _great_ is the mystery of boardin'-house hash.. [Samantha at the World's Fair]

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