Great Pyrenees

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What do we mean by great pyrenees?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word great-pyrenees. Define great-pyrenees, great-pyrenees synonyms, great-pyrenees pronunciation, great-pyrenees translation, English dictionary definition of great-pyrenees.

Fluffy dogs. They are guardian livestock protecters so if you live on a farm these dogs are for you.They are white and huge.they love being with people and cuddling but also being alone.They love exploring and run away every once in a. While but they make up for it with there cuteness. Urban Dictionary

Pyrenean mountain dog! Urban Dictionary

A buffoonish dog breed Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Great Pyrenees

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The word "great-pyrenees" in example sentences

Person 1-“Look at that [fluffy] [white] [huge dog]!” “Person 2-Must be a Great Pyrenees!” ❋ Lilmomo (2018)

[The Great] [Pyrenees] was huge and [fluffy]! ❋ Flamingoquilting (2016)

That [buffoon] Great Pyrenees is [barking]! ❋ Blurryface_fan (2021)

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What does great pyrenees mean?

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