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Definitions of "greatest"

  • superlative form of great: most great. adjective
  • not to be surpassed. adjective
  • largest in size of those under consideration. adjective
  • most of. adjective
  • highest in importance or degree or significance or achievement; most eminent. adjective
  • highest in quality. adjective
  • highest in quality adjective

The word "greatest" in example sentences

The _greatest Eels_ lurk under Stones [_g of “greatest” _]. [The School of Recreation (1684 edition) Or, The Gentlemans Tutor, to those Most Ingenious Exercises of Hunting, Racing, Hawking, Riding, Cock-fighting, Fowling, Fishing]

This is the threshold challenge for the generation now coming into its own, a generation that could earn the label "greatest.". [Craig K. Comstock: Models for a Movement]

The label greatest generation went through the depression and WWII.. [Obama, Biden, McCain, Palin — not one Baby Boomer.]

Obviously, I will have to reevaluate it once I get a hold of a release candidate but right now, it is the best operating system I have ever used, period, and I have used Windows starting with 2000 (previous holder of the title greatest ever) since migrating over from OS 9 and several varieties of Linux.. [Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz]

He appealed to Syrians to remain steadfast against what he called the greatest challenge to face Syria in its modern history, describing it as "a real test of patriotism" for the people and "a race between terrorists and reforms.". [Syrian Leader Vows 'Iron Fist']

In fact, Bank of America's purchase of Countrywide in January 2008 was but another positioning of private sector interests in preparation for what I call the greatest Hail Mary pass of all time in taking those Wall Street losses and placing them on the next three generations.. [Janet Tavakoli: Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur Confronts MF Global and Wall Street]

That's what makes football ... the greatest is the violent side.. [Clinton Portis: Crackdown on hitting could make game less exciting]

Nearly all were built with the hundreds of millions of federal dollars that Byrd steered to his home state while at the helm of the Appropriations panel, which he called the greatest committee.. [West Virginia Sen. Robert Byrd Dies At 92]

Now the head of Central Command, Petraeus was here at the Holocaust Memorial Museum to honor what he called the greatest generation.. [Vets' Stories Preserve Memory Of Holocaust Victims]

Naturally, reporters were curious about the big blast, however, so Groves released a statement written by W.L. Laurence (who was on leave from The New York Times and playing the role of chief atomic propagandist which he called the greatest "honor" that could come to a newspaperman) announcing that an ammunition dump had exploded.. [Greg Mitchell: Secrecy, Cover-ups and Deadly Radiation: On the Birth of the Nuclear Age 65 Years Ago]

A worthy leader of the free world, he quite rightly did not allow the attacks of 9/11 to go unanswered and embarked upon a just war on terror, which he called the greatest challenge to the new century.. [Smoking Guns and the Morality of Parliamentary Privilege]

It fell to Luger to outline what he called the greatest concern for Clinton's appointment.. [Lugar Praises Hillary, Raises Concerns About Bill]

Being the greatest is the ultimate excellence of manifesting a quality as much as is possible.. [Archive 2007-04-01]

How could what we call the greatest country in the world get so far off course?. [Tom Gerdy: Rumblings From the Graves]

The future author of Don Quixote, Miguel de Cervantes, served on one of the Christian galleys in what he called the greatest naval sea battle in history and the most important to that time for the safety of Europe.. [Remembering Lepanto]

Fjordman at the blog Gates of Vienna has mentioned this in his european declaration for idependence, which he refers to as the greatest treachery ever commited against western nations.. [Islam’s ‘Great British’ infiltration]

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  • Character8
  • Hyphenation greatest




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