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Definitions of "green"

  • The hue of that portion of the visible spectrum lying between yellow and blue, evoked in the human observer by radiant energy with wavelengths of approximately 490 to 570 nanometers; any of a group of colors that may vary in lightness and saturation and whose hue is that of the emerald or somewhat less yellow than that of growing grass; one of the additive or light primaries; one of the psychological primary hues. noun
  • Something green in color. noun
  • Green growth or foliage, especially: noun
  • The branches and leaves of plants used for decoration. noun
  • Leafy plants or plant parts eaten as vegetables. noun
  • A grassy lawn or plot, especially: noun
  • A grassy area located usually at the center of a city or town and set aside for common use; a common. noun
  • Sports A putting green. noun
  • A green uniform: "a young . . . sergeant in dress greens” ( Nelson DeMille). noun
  • Slang Money. noun
  • A supporter of a social and political movement that espouses global environmental protection, bioregionalism, social responsibility, and nonviolence. noun
  • Of the color green. adjective
  • Abounding in or covered with green growth or foliage: the green woods. adjective
  • Made with green or leafy vegetables: a green salad. adjective
  • Characterized by mild or temperate weather: a green climate. adjective
  • Youthful; vigorous: at the green age of 18. adjective
  • Not mature or ripe; young: green tomatoes. adjective
  • Brand-new; fresh. adjective
  • Not yet fully processed, especially: adjective

The word "green" in example sentences

“Rather than overwhelm you with a grossly inflated number of green search results, our double-vetted search engine provides instant, eco-weighted results based on what YOU'RE looking for not what some ‘green washing' marketer wants to sell you.. [Internet News: Green Consumer]

If x is green, it no longer follows that S ought to apply ˜green™ to. [The Normativity of Meaning and Content]

"SB 279 will dramatically increase the ability of individual homeowners and property owners to join the green building movement and use alternative energy to ´green´ their homes," according to Senator Hancock.. [California Chronicle]

x, whereas if x is not green it just follows that it is not the case that S ought to apply ˜green™ to. [The Normativity of Meaning and Content]

** those in @@color (red): [email protected]@ are gases ** those in @@color (green): [email protected]@ are liquids ** those in black are solids. []

(ME1²²²), since it allows the subject to discharge her obligation by not meaning green by ˜green™ “ something that does seem to be in her power.. [The Normativity of Meaning and Content]

Says he, "'Do ye know, Sar Chawls, is the hoshun reely green at the line -- _green_ ye know, Sar Chawls, _reely_ green?'. [The International Monthly Magazine, Volume 1, No. 1, August 1850 of Literature, Science and Art.]

Public officials and media commentators have used the term "green shoots" in recent months to suggest that small signs of improvement may signal our economic firestorm has finally burned itself out.. [Let's Hope China Forecloses On U.S.]

Here the term green carries double meaning as both visual descriptive and allegory.. [NYT > Home Page]

These are reflected in the objectives of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and also in the term 'green development'.. [ News]

The stunning blonde in green is lit up like she is an angel. [At Lunch Now: Gargamel Spotted in Bryant Park! | Midtown Lunch - Finding Lunch in the Food Wasteland of NYC's Midtown Manhattan]

Currently there is no regulation for the term green, eco, sustainable-anyone can slap that label on their product with no questions asks.. [Tracy Hepler: Should We Green Wash for the Sake of Spreading Green to the Masses?]

Grass coming in green is not a bell banging beneath them.. [cyberpunk poetry found! plus a mezze tray : Stephen Burt : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation]

QUIJANO: So, long before the term green jobs even existed, Jones, a Yale Law grad and a social activist, launched a group called Green For All to train underprivileged young people in green job skills.. [CNN Transcript Jul 22, 2009]

MACFARLAND: Well, I don't like to use the term green zone, because that tends to be a loaded term, based on the green zone in Baghdad.. [CNN Transcript Jul 5, 2006]

Lucas picked up a pen and circled the word green on the questionnaire.. [Amaryllis]

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