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Hyphenation grim i ness
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The word "griminess" in example sentences

So maybe it is something else completely different, or just the plain old griminess politicians do. ❋ Unknown (2009)

They had to be made of dark fabrics with broken patterns to conceal their griminess. ❋ Herbert George (2006)

Altogether the dilapidated condition of the University buildings, the gloominess of the corridors, the griminess of the walls, the lack of light, the dejected aspect of the steps, the hat-stands and the benches, take ❋ Unknown (2004)

Collar he had none, for the griminess of that he wore last night had necessitated its being thrown aside; round his throat was a dirty handkerchief. ❋ Unknown (2003)

I took a quick shower to wash away theme park griminess, and was on the road by 6. ❋ Misspinkkate (2003)

History tells us that all of these should be working like opiates on Eminem, dulling his rage and his wit and his connection to the griminess of real life. ❋ Unknown (2002)

Only the squirrels, charcoal to light gray of color before the application of the spell, could now revel in their natural griminess, and they chose not to do so. ❋ Foster, Alan Dean, 1946- (2001)

He ignores the griminess he feels because the little water they have has to be carried from three kays to the north and does not even try to shave or wash, but merely takes a long swallow from his water bottle. ❋ Modesitt, L. E. (2000)

Seemingly the only one even half-awake in the late afternoon, Lorn rubs his chin, his fingers feeling the stubble and the griminess of the long trip in the firewagon, and they are not scheduled to reach Geliendra until late afternoon. ❋ Modesitt, L. E. (2000)

Thousands of people were walking past on Broadway, some disappearing down Wall Street into the curving, solemn griminess of the buildings. ❋ Deaver, Jeffery (1989)

The dull griminess of the village, so utterly dismal in the rain and fog of yesterday, had given place to something akin to cheerfulness. ❋ George Van Schaick (N/A)

Yet, for all their griminess, they had human hearts and voices. ❋ Various (N/A)

Yet there was something restful in the monochrome of the dresses, the dull smoke-griminess of the station. ❋ Leslie Moore (N/A)

The garments were very wet; but their griminess was increased, rather than diminished. ❋ Hamilton Brock Fuller (1905)

Then he got into his engineer's -- dungarees, touched up his face and hands to the required griminess, and sallied forth. ❋ Harold MacGrath (1901)

"They took the thrucks for the Armoured Thrain," recounted Kildare, with a radiant smile illuminating a countenance of surpassing griminess, "an 'they rode to widin range, an' got off their hairies, an 'dhropped in a volley just to insinse them they took to be squattin' down inside them insijious divizes, into what they would be gettin 'if they put up the heads av them." ❋ Richard Dehan (1897)

His very griminess seemed but an earnest of his steadfast purpose, and suited her present mood of utter disillusion with the artistic and the beautiful. ❋ Unknown (1891)

_La Terre_ and _Germinal_ are, I suppose, generally regarded as, even beyond _L'Assommoir_ and _Nana_, the "farthest" of this griminess. ❋ George Saintsbury (1889)

I had had enough for awhile, so my prejudices melted before the genial ugliness of this sooty paradise, knowing as I did that prosperity goes with such griminess, and that where there is money there are inns offering creature comforts both to man and beast. ❋ Edward Harrison Barker (1885)

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