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Definitions and meanings of "Gringolandia"

What do we mean by gringolandia?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word gringolandia. Define gringolandia, gringolandia synonyms, gringolandia pronunciation, gringolandia translation, English dictionary definition of gringolandia.

How some dudes call the us in spanish (estados unidos de america, donde viven los gringos) Urban Dictionary

Spanish: the united states Urban Dictionary

Spanish - South America The place where you will find the highest per-capita number of Foreigners or Americans. This is often overpriced and remarkably well-lit. I would avoid staying there too long as you are basically in the US. Urban Dictionary

1.- The land of Gringos usually called the USA, where there is not official language but almost everybody speaks in English and they will hate to hear someone else speaks in another language. 2.- It is almost common there will be an Indian cashier available at the closest convenience store. 3.- You will find pretty repetitive the same fast food, supermarket, hotel, bank, and pharmacy chains in each city. 4.- Probably you may need a car to go from one place to another since distance between places are pretty large to walk. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Gringolandia

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The word "gringolandia" in example sentences

Of interest, the cost of going to dr over here in gringolandia has gone up considerably. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Varios turistas [en] [mexico] vienen [de] gringolandia ❋ Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (2022)

¿[nos vamos] a [cruzar] a gringolandia en la [noche]? ❋ El Chingon De Chingones (2003)

-Fuiste a la Plaza [Foch]? -No, no pude ir y me da igual porque prefiero ir a las zonas menos turísticas que a gringolandia. -Sí [reci]én hay ful gringos allí, ¿Me [cachas]? Y los manes siempre llevan bermudas ¿y eso? ❋ Smadaeforp (2022)

Roberto: I wonder how is [gringolandia]? [Anita]: Have you ever watched [Beavis and Butthead], The Simpsons, Family Guy, or SouthPark? Roberto: Yes Anita: Well, basically those shows are the gringolandia stereotype. ❋ Schilv (2019)

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What does gringolandia mean?

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