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Ultra-hardcore wargamer (wargames - Advanced Squad Leader, Combat Mission, etc) Comes from French word that means "grumbler" Urban Dictionary

Playing a game (especially war games) with full reality settings - no cheats at all. Urban Dictionary

A moderator in the dork squad discord server Urban Dictionary

In D&D, a person who prefers an older edition to the newer one. Urban Dictionary

A. Pointing out inaccuracies in movies, writing, games, in regard to history, physics, or accepted canonical lore. B. As a verb (grognarding) to describe the activity of A. Urban Dictionary

People that like overly complicated games. Urban Dictionary

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The word "grognard" in example sentences

This blog takes its name from the French word grognard, which means roughly "grumbler" or "grouch." ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

This from a "grognard" who owns only three RPG books published since 1987 Gygax's Living Fantasy and Kuntz's Bottle City and Living Room. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

He's taking the most extreme type of 'grognard' and then using his perception of that individual to construct an other to define himself. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

Anyway, I agree that being a "grognard" I hate the sound of the word, BTW is a matter of perspective on the shift in prevailing RPG style rather than a matter of vintage. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

I think it's more likely that my understanding of "grognard" is more restrictive than the general usage. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

Such is the reason why, although I can enjoy "old school gaming" one one level, I'll never call myself an "old school gamer" or a "grognard". ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

When I was younger, I never heard the term -- or "grognard" for that matter -- and it wasn't until the late 80s/early 90s that I have any recollection of a distinction being made between "old school" games and what we were playing at the time. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

In the vernacular of game lore, a "grognard" is one who plays board wargames fn1. ❋ Unknown (2007)

The “grognard squad” has gotten quieter over time. ❋ Unknown (2008)

However, I lampshaded my misgivings as grognard-grade paranoia. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Avalon Hill and Diplomacy gave birth to a new subspecies of hobbyist: the grognard (The origins of which probably date to a term used for "a soldier of Napoleon's Old Guard"). ❋ Unknown (2010)

Old-school is just the 'new-school' way of saying grognard. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

I'm not even sure that I qualify as a grognard, so I'm pretty sure that gamers who didn't join the hobby until after 2000 don't. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

This gives XXXI a kind of "incomplete" appearance to grognard eyes, since we're expecting an outer cover with advertising text like the TSR modules of old. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

I love the artwork of Trampier, Otus, and Sutherland as much as the next grognard. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

But yeah, the 3.0X crowd doesn't qualify for "grognard ststus". ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

It's fine to be an crotchety old grognard who hates anything published past 1979, just as it is to be nuschool freak who derides everything published pre 2000 as self evidently inferior. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

Where Endgame's unusual theme would draw attention from those outside the grognard community, The Forbidden Isle will require a larger degree of marketing to stand out from the crowd. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

I too am a grognard turned 40 last month and this post is a portal to my freshman year in college and my "afternoon" gig at Dragonware Hobbies in Conyers, GA. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

As I said in my reply above, I think the key to being a grognard is seeing and disliking the ways the hobby has changed from the early days. ❋ James Maliszewski (2008)

"Bob the [Grognard] likes to check his [back yard] [for good] hull-down spots for his imaginary tank" ❋ Smapdee (2003)

He [plays] [Close] [Combat] grognard. ❋ Dropbear (2003)

A grognard is [typing] ❋ AlexaRR (2020)

Gamer A:"After playing [4th edition] for six months, our group decided to [give it up] and go back to [3.5]." Gamer B:"you're officially grognards now." ❋ Guyjin (2009)

A. Did you see Game of Thrones last night? It was good except middle easterners would never wield [katanas], and dragons don't fly like that, sorry to be a [grognard] about it. B. We tried to watch 300, but Bill kept grognarding about how the Spartan armor was more like [Athenian] armor. ❋ Warlock (2016)

Oh, [Lego]? He [plays] Dominions, so he must be a [grognard]. ❋ DNDfoot (2019)

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