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Definitions of "groomings"

  • Plural form of grooming. noun

The word "groomings" in example sentences

Group groomings and hootings gradually die down as various families settle into sleep.. [Postcard from nowhere: airports and assumptions : A.E. Stallings : Harriet the Blog : The Poetry Foundation]

We've done half a dozen groomings (at least) over the past three years, and we never want the lion cut (where they cut his fur -- which on a Maine Coon is considerable -- down to the skin except on his head, the ends of his paws, and the end of his tail).. [updated the web site]

I don't welcome again those tender groomings and all that flattery.. [Beauty's Punishment]

The regularity of meals was another point of comparison, and the daily washings, brushings, groomings.. [From the Bottom Up]

There were such hand-shakings in the usually quiet streets, such groomings of horses at stables behind old-fashioned little taverns, such pipe-claying of belts and polishing of helmets, and, above all, such joyous anticipatory parties in private houses!. [Girlhood and Womanhood The Story of some Fortunes and Misfortunes]

He loves his regular groomings with our brush, but I think he was particularly into the teeth on the FURminator.. [ Record Article Feed]

It was worth the drive, since the total cost for two neuterings, vaccinations and even two groomings (both cats were in desperate need of mat removal) was $106.. []

Mothers often cut their children’s hair in a way that’s manageable for mom or for the children: not too long or tangly, not having to deal with frequent groomings, barrettes, clips or getting in the eyes.. [Hair Fashion: Brent & the Peaky « Colleen Anderson]

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Organic Traffics

@NSPCC How many FGMs? How many groomings and paedophile sex? Oh you don't care about those?


@BBCNews Googled him.... So this was a Labour councilor in Rotherham while they ignored all the child rapes and gro…


@njdotcom: It was an agonizing day: Annika Nash's dog needed to be put down. Speck came out of a grooming @PetSmart lethargic, she said,…


@TarekFatah The UK has a deathwish. This bend over backwards politically correct attitude is what allowed the child…


Babies' first groomings.

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