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What does the word groveled mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word groveled in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with groveled and anagrams of groveled.

Definitions of "groveled"

  • Simple past of grovel. verb

The word "groveled" in example sentences

Appearing as messengers and propagandists for bourgeois ideology, the rootless-cosmopolitans fawned over and groveled before decadent bourgeois culture.. [Archive 2009-06-01]

On Fox News's Mike Huckabee show, a group of people campaigning for the highest office in the land groveled before three right-wing state attorneys general and took turns repudiating the essence of our national character: one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.. [Dave Helfert: The Depths of Addiction]

Contrast that with what I witnessed at the upscale party, where a wealthy man groveled and whined just to get his presumably rich friends inside.. [Daniel Cubias: Notes From a Party for Rich People]

They appealed frantically to the United States Government; they groveled on their knees and shed wild tears at the “suffering” of their poor, misguided black friends, and yet, despite this, the Northern employers simply had to offer two and three dollars a day and from one-quarter to one-half a million dark workers arose and poured themselves into the North.. [DARKWATER]

While he and his childhood buddy sat back in sweats knowing they were going to Miami, caravans of owners, executives, coaches, Cap managers and celebrities groveled at their feet to beg and plead for his signature.. [Andrew Brandt: Could LeBron's Power Play Happen in the NFL?]

He has groveled to the press and said that he has "learned his lesson.". [Parliament's Drinking Problem]

Both candidates have groveled over there undying support of Israel.. [Kennedy says no to joint ticket]

Shorn of his wire-rimmed spectacles, he groveled in a letter from his cell, offering to work as a laborer anywhere.. [The Gun]

A Democratic Green Industrial Policy was already gaining speed Thursday as American automakers groveled for money before the most openly hostile-to-auto Congress in U.S. history ..... [Stromata Blog:]

Those who groveled to the lethally elegant Max Savoie.. [Captured by Moonlight]

He groveled in front of Father and with a bony finger pointed directly at me.. [Virginity]

I would fill Sir Robert2s empty nest, and by the time a question of inheritance arose (which would be years, judging from the strength and apparent health of the di Caelas), I might well have flattered and groveled enough before him that I might be heard in the halls where wills are drawn up.. [Virginity]

But it will also come at a big cost Right now, Hunter is actually admired for her discretion: The fabulous all-powerful candidate seduced her and knocked her up and then groveled to the nation for forgiveness for his appalling lapse of judgment -- and she has never even complained.. [Henry Blodget: The Business Of Revenge: How John Edwards' Rielle Hunter Should Respond]

Soon after her husband acknowledged that he had flouted her demand that he end his affair, Jenny Sanford announced that until the governor groveled sufficiently, he could forget about seeing his four sons.. [Mary Battiata: Mark Sanford and the Argentine Therapy Angle]

Yes, the boss to whom you've groveled and cajoled for funding and resources suddenly is answerable to you when a disaster strikes because now you report directly to the President of the United States.. [Michael D. Brown: The Audacity of Hindsight Could Help FEMA]

At least Obama has never groveled before terrorists like the AWOL drunk, George W. Bush.. [Tennessee GOP Smears Obama With Alleged Ties to Anti-Semitism and Farrakhan]

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