Character 7
Hyphenation growing
Pronunciations /ˈɡɹəʊɪŋ/

Definitions and meanings of "Growing"

What do we mean by growing?

To become larger, to increase in magnitude.

To appear or sprout.

To develop, to mature.

To cause or allow something to become bigger, especially to cultivate plants.

To assume a condition or quality over time.

To become attached or fixed; to adhere.

The level of adulthood someone has reached Urban Dictionary

Grow 1. To get/make bigger. 2. To develop, spiritually and/or physically. 3. To plant and help along, be it a plant or a feeling. Urban Dictionary

Code for negros when you need to keep it on the DL. Urban Dictionary

Marijuana grown in water not dirt, see hydro. Urban Dictionary

Throwing sunflower seeds all over the freaking place. Urban Dictionary

The participation in the ridiculousness that occurs when in the presence of Christopher Grow Urban Dictionary

Some one who beats off at a friends house someone whos on creatine and always cocky Urban Dictionary

It means nothing. Yet stands for everything. Use it how you choose. Urban Dictionary

Used mostly in anime and manga, the term growing mushrooms refers to when a character has become immensely depressed or saddened. The character is often shown to literally grow mushrooms on their body, signifying that their soul is, for the time being, in a dark and dank place. (Mostly occurs with more dramatic and over the top characters who can't stop crying every 2 seconds 😒) Urban Dictionary

A young girl likely in her mid 20s usually between a 7and 9 in hotness. begins as a trimmer then begins fucking the grower to get his money. Also known as a green digger, potstitute, trim bitch, or pot princess. Purely a southern humboldt phenomenon. Fiends for reggae and any time to show off their expensive stretchy dresses (that show the booty). Will likely be ditched by the grower after 2 years or less, or get knocked up and be his baby momma, might stay around depending on how well she ages. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Growing

The word "growing" in example sentences

But marriage is proving an increasingly profitable ­enterprise for a growing number of ­American men who earn less than a ­growing number of better educated spouses. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The earl was never beyond earshot, his expression growing more dark and brooding as the days wore on, apparently unable or unwilling to completely trust Robert in his task. ❋ Karen Hawkins (2010)

Seeing Will and Tessa, she paused, her expression growing more guarded. ❋ Cassandra Clare (2010)

The set of his jaw relaxed, his expression growing gentle as he seemed to get it, to really see her, Shay, for a moment. ❋ Laura J. Burns (2010)

He traced the line of my chin, his expression growing serious. ❋ Morgan Matson (2010)

Langston was quiet again, his expression growing thoughtful. ❋ Jerome Preisler (2010)

She shook her head, her expression growing panicked. ❋ Kresley Cole (2010)

He moved closer, his expression growing uncharacteristically serious. ❋ Bella Andre (2009)

Addie dialed a number, her expression growing tighter with each ring. ❋ JODI PICOULT (2001)

“You go to the college?” he continued, and I shook my head again, and he moved even closer, his expression growing more concerned. ❋ Jennifer Weiner (2001)

Ty looked back to the corral, his expression growing wistful. ❋ Janet Dailey (1981)

Can also be used in comparison of two individuals. Your [growness] is [too much] [for me] ! ❋ Jehdhj22 (2013)

1. How much baking soda does it take to cause this batter to grow by [double it's] present size when it's baked? 2. You are growing up to be a very weird dog, Mr. [Barky] Von Schnauzer. As for me, I'm staying [preetty] much da same, not maturing or really changing. 3. I grew these strawberries in my backyard. Whaddya think? ❋ Frogs McGee (2011)

[Damn], you [see] all those grows? ❋ Chode12 (2008)

[lemme get a] [nickelbag] of grow. ❋ No_doz (2005)

[ha] i threw a [sunflower seed] on u, now [GROW]!!!! ❋ Jose Elstande (2004)

Will the both of you [stop] Growing back there and [come up] here to make [pizzas]? ❋ KingZane (2014)

[NICK] [grow] [haha] haha ❋ Jeffery C (2008)

"Way to [grow]!" "Let's grow." "[Grower], Why don't you grow [over here] anymore?" "Are you growing later?" ❋ Amberx53 (2006)

Senpai: (crying because the girl of his dreams thinks he's dramatic and [egocentric]) Girl: "Senpai, quit [growing mushrooms] around me; the smell is absolutely [noxious]!" ❋ Zoy70 (2018)

[Sara] [your dad] only dates grow hoes. A bitch that will take all the young boys [trim] work, and take all the money ❋ Boss Man12345 (2015)

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What does growing mean?

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