Character 8
Hyphenation guar an ty
Pronunciations /ˈɡæɹənti/

Definitions and meanings of "Guaranty"

What do we mean by guaranty?

A promise to be answerable for the debt or obligation of another in the event of nonpayment or nonperformance. noun

Something given as security for the execution, completion, or existence of something else. noun

The act of providing such security. noun

A guarantee, as for a product or service. noun

A guarantee to perform something in a specified way. noun

A guarantee serving to assure a particular outcome or condition. noun

A guarantor. noun

To provide a guaranty for. transitive verb

To guarantee. transitive verb

Same as guarantee.

The act of warranting or securing; a warrant or surety. noun

Specifically, in law, a separate, independent contract by which the guarantor undertakes, in writing, for a valuable consideration, to be answerable for the payment of some particular debt, or future debts, or the performance of some duty, in case of the failure of another person primarily liable to pay or perform. Colebrooke, On Collateral Securities. noun

That which guarantees anything; a ground or basis of security: as, constitutional guaranties; his character is guaranty for his assertions; what guaranty have I that you will keep your word? noun

In law and common usage: An undertaking to answer for the payment of some debt, or the performance of some contract or duty, of another, in case of the failure of such other to pay or perform; a guarantee; a warranty; a security. noun

In law and common usage: To undertake or engage that another person shall perform (what he has stipulated); to undertake to be answerable for (the debt or default of another); to engage to answer for the performance of (some promise or duty by another) in case of a failure by the latter to perform; to undertake to secure (something) to another, as in the case of a contingency. See guarantee, v. t. transitive verb

An undertaking to answer for the payment of some debt, or the performance of some contract or duty, of another, in case of the failure of such other to pay or perform; a warranty; a security. noun

Something serving as a security for such an undertaking. noun

An assurance or guarantee. noun

To give an assurance that something will be done right.

To assume or take responsibility for a debt or other obligation.

To make something certain.

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The word "guaranty" in example sentences

Examination of titles, etc. only to the payment of losses and expenses incurred by reason of the title guaranty or title insurance contracts of the corporation. ❋ Unknown (1663)

The only thing YOU can guaranty is that, no matter what happens, YOU will support any big bag of BS this administration shovels your way. ❋ Unknown (2005)

Insurers pay into a so-called guaranty fund that covers claims if a company becomes insolvent. ❋ Unknown (2008)

France seeks to have not merely a "guaranty," but also a "productive guaranty," i.e., ❋ Unknown (1923)

Mrs. Copley could not eat much, nor Dolly; and yet the form of coming to breakfast and the nicety of the preparation were a comfort; they always are; they seem to say that all things are not confusion, and give a kind of guaranty for the continuance of old ways. ❋ Susan Warner (1852)

Second, preferred shares are often used in mergers and acquisitions because they can be structured as a "guaranty" to the seller. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"If my age seems to you a sufficient guaranty, that is different. ❋ Various (N/A)

$ 699 $ 84 not another kind of guaranty Options for soybean meal**** - $1,716 $ 7,044

It is the only way to guaranty that you aren't being charged too much, and that other people are paying thier fair share. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Now to be fair, a BBB rating is not a ironclad guaranty that the company is either good or bad. ❋ Unknown (2010)

We should fight hard to support programs that improve global health AND governance and transparency -- fighting for funds needed to save lives and at the same time to build robust systems and checks and balances needed to guaranty their effective use. ❋ Todd Summers (2011)

Insurance companies still go insolvent, and there are often state guaranty funds that will pay off some claims after an insurance company goes under. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I would guaranty that with a cover like that, F&S would sell a lot more copies in the winter. ❋ Unknown (2009)

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