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Hyphenation N/A
Pronunciations /ˈɡɛsɪŋ/

Definitions and meanings of "Guessing"

What do we mean by guessing?

The act of making a guess; estimate or prediction; foresight.

Trippin, Talking too much shit. Urban Dictionary

The act of overreacting to a situation, or to respond to a situation in an odd, or uncalled for manner. Urban Dictionary

Quirky remark made to interupt someone before they answer a question, often causing laughter and lightening the mood. Author: Sarah K. Urban Dictionary

One of the best clothing companies... also sells purses, shoes, jewelry, etc... and has hot models Urban Dictionary

A jean company, that makes other stuff too, but is mainly known for jeans. Isn't as cool as it was in the early and mid 90s Urban Dictionary

A clothing company that markets its brand various demographics. Got nailed for its use of sweat shops and suffered consumer backlash - though Guess? is gaining brand momentum again. Urban Dictionary

Typically amongst familiars, to doubt another's credibility, judgment or information via a snap-question. Such inquiry is to be summarily dismissed with a return question to the effect of "Why are you guessin' me?" Urban Dictionary

Clothing company, initally a jeans store. Now it's a breeding ground for homos and metros (homos in denial). I bought two shirts there and they were $70 each. Jesus Christ, that buys a whole wardrobe in fucking Old Navy. Urban Dictionary

A clothing company that uses sweatshops to manufacture clothes. Boycott it. Urban Dictionary

I don't have to guess: It's you. I know. Wanna know all the intentions behind everything? Ask.. You will be surprised.. and will find teachings for life, you cannot find in books nor songs... they come from real connection from the stars to the soul. Pure wisdom. Pure innocent intentions.... so rare to find. I've lived so many lives only in this one... and still learning more and more. Urban Dictionary

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The word "guessing" in example sentences

After what seemed like the longest gestation period ever known to man and over 24 hours of teasing her Twitter fans with a name guessing game involving the initial M it wasn't fun, just tedious, the twin's names have FINALLY been announced. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The cost of password guessing is constantly going down, and the value of the data depends on the data. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Today is their “Official Soft Opening” which I’m guessing is code for “don’t blame us if everything isn’t perfect”. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I'm guessing from the trailer that this is going to more-or-less follow the first book (of three) of the cartoon series, with some alterations -- I notice a talking dragon, for example, and while everyone knows I have nothing against talking dragons, I'm wondering what the heck it's doing there. ❋ Unknown (2010)

What you get, I'm guessing, is a lot of time spent sleeping on the couch when you should be gettin 'some work done. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Keeping others guessing is Kalanithi Maran's specialty. ❋ T. Surendar (2010)

It bridges that connections that occurred in the comics, but that is just what I am guessing from a comic book perspective. ❋ Unknown (2010)

The outcome of her campaign may depend on whether she was right in guessing that her ads would win her more votes in this election than they would cost her. ❋ Michael B. Keegan (2010)

Keeping short-term investors guessing is likely an important tactic for the Japanese government as it tries to prevent further yen appreciation, while limiting the money and diplomatic capital it must spend to do so. ❋ Andrew Monahan (2010)

There was a deer leg (I am guessing from the road kill buck) laying in the middle of our road. ❋ Unknown (2009)

When someone says I'll [smack you] up [you say] you're guessing [af]. ❋ Fhee (2016)

Why is he acting [like that] it's [not even] that serious, oh he big [guessing]. ❋ Big_Guessin (2020)

Sarah: Have you seen my keys? [Zach]: [Whe]... Sarah: [Guess not]! Zach: did you put them last? ❋ Gorgnad (2009)

[Samar] is a [Guess] [model] ❋ Samar (2004)

"OMG, [casey] your Guess jeans and [bracelet] are so cute, but they are also so [1995]" ❋ AdidasAngel775 (2004)

Need [overpriced] low-quality clothing manufactured in sweat shops? [Guess]? is just [the brand] for you. ❋ Urbepedia (2008)

"Are you sure [McRib] is back?" "Dude, would I have driven us to McDonald's if it wasn't?? Why you tryin to guess me?? Always tryin to guess somebody." Are you sure pi equals [3.14]? I thought it was 3.17 bar. "Why you guessin me??" "Money, you couldn't guess me with an [abacus]!!" ❋ Black Popeye (2008)

[Overpriced] shit that is [nicely] made but only worth 10% of what they [sell it] as. ❋ Mod (2004)

I'd [buy a pair] of [Guess]? jeans if they weren't so fucking ugly, [cost] so fucking much and made by 8-year-old kids. ❋ PoopyPoo (2005)

I guess I don't have anything to loose and this makes me FREE. I guess that the big connection I still have with my family, with my friends since we were 3 years old, with my new family... they know who I am, they remember me what I'm made of, cause [the roots] are soooo deep... no storm can break this tree. I guess I am [getting tired] of this boring game or not.... who knows.... I guess u know nothing. No one knows anything. And that is one of the most beautiful [mysteries] of life. ❋ Ayuryari (2021)

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