Definitions and meanings of "Guidelines"

What do we mean by guidelines?

A non-specific rule or principle that provides direction to action or behaviour.

A plan or explanation to guide one in setting standards or determining a course of action.

A light line, used in lettering, to help align the text.

Rules that keep objects in line. Be those objects websites, people, or bubbles. Because bubbles are righteous.  Urban Dictionary

As an editor, you decide what gets published. Use these guidelines while you make your decisions. 1. Publish celebrity names but reject friends' names. Publish definitions of Jennifer Lopez because she's famous, but reject my girlfriend Sally. First names are okay, because they don't identify a specific person. Same for bands and schools: publish if popular and reject if unknown. 2. Publish racial and sexual slurs but reject racist and sexist entries. Entries can document discrimination but not endorse it. People use slurs in everyday speech, so they should be published. 3. Publish opinions. Don't reject an entry just because it's opinionated. Opinions are useful to readers unfamiliar with a topic. Don't reject an entry because you disagree or are offended. Don't reject an entry because you think it's inaccurate. 4. Publish place names. Publish names, nicknames and area codes of neighborhoods and cities. 5. Publish non-slang words. Ignore misspellings and swearing. Any word from your life belongs here, so don't reject an entry just because it's in a real dictionary. Don't reject an entry because it's misspelled or includes swearing. 6. Publish jokes. Publish sarcastic entries. Reject inside jokes only the author's friends would understand. 7. Reject sexual violence. Reject made-up violent sexual acts. 8. Reject nonsense. Be consistent on duplicates. Reject nonsensical, circular, unspecific or all-caps entries. Reject entries with non-English definitions (non-English words and examples are okay). Be consistent if you see two similar entries. 9. Reject ads for web sites. Reject spammy defs that are written to advertise web sites. 10. Publish if it looks plausible. It's better to publish a plausible entry than to reject it. You might not have heard the word, but it could be the next hyphy.  Urban Dictionary

Invisible chains, or strings.  Urban Dictionary

Guidelines are made for people who are stupid, or who have an attitude problem that affects their decisions. Guidelines are there to protect us from morons and the emotionally unstable.  Urban Dictionary

Content Guidelines can be defined as: A The thing nobody reviews before making a definition B a companies excuse to getting out of a bad situation  Urban Dictionary

That really long thing nobody reads but agrees too anyways. See also Content Guidelines.  Urban Dictionary

The 7th Rule in the Urban dictionary guidelines which is never obeyed... It states that you must Reject made up acts of sexual violence... like WTF thats what 50% of UD is anyway... \m/ Long live Defiance against G7 \m/ ON UD CHAT:  Urban Dictionary

Bullshit, Nothing but bullshit. also, a thinly gised term used when censoring speech (like I expect this may get when I submit it) when it is too difficult for the moderator to acknowledge the truth that exists. (like there being a way to recover data from an iphone, or repair a non booting xbox)  Urban Dictionary

What your mom did to you  Urban Dictionary

Legit just aggravating why have community guidelines if no one reads them and plus I have broken so many guidelines Jesus Christ but I do enjoy exterminating the fucking Jews from the earth  Urban Dictionary

The word "guidelines" in example sentences

How to use guidelines in a sentence? Example sentences with the guidelines, a sentence example for guidelines, and how to make guidelines in sample sentence, how do I use the word guidelines in a sentence? How do you spell guidelines in a sentence?

At the heart of our guidelines is a simple idea that also informs the community standards governing user participation: interaction enriches stories, and staff as well as users have a part to play in ensuring the quality of engagement matches that of our journalism.   ❋ Meg Pickard (2010)

Where in the guidelines is there consideration of the lack of greed motivating the offense, for example?   ❋ Unknown (2007)

You must be a pirate for the Pirate's Code to apply and you're not, and the code is more of what you call guidelines than actual rules.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

And the only smart-ass remark we have in our guidelines is the bit about Ms. Ainsworth.   ❋ Apexdigest (2007)

By the way, I happen to be a Moderator on a fairly loose recently formed Mexico Forum and one of our rules/guidelines is that posts must be "personal experience" and not from hearsay or I have been told sources.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

Almost all of it i think can be putdown to guidelines from the home office.   ❋ Inspector Gadget (2009)

The sergeant has used the minimum force necessary and acted within guidelines in a very stressful circumstance.   ❋ Inspector Gadget (2009)

Legislature in the form of turf like sentencing guidelines is a rubbish excuse – how often have I seen a judge ignore the mandatory five year sentence for firearms offences???   ❋ Inspector Gadget (2010)

All the recent changes in guidelines are aimed squarely at the content providers, without any interest in the true origin of most consumer complaints.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

1. Publish celebrity names but reject friends' names. 2. Publish racial and sexual slurs but reject racist and sexist entries. modified 3. Publish opinions. 4. Publish place names. 5. Publish non-slang words. Ignore misspellings and swearing. 6. Publish jokes. 7. Reject sexual violence. 8. Reject nonsense. Be consistent on duplicates. 9. Reject ads for web sites. 10. Publish if it looks plausible. ❋ ~The Nameless One~ (2005)

Me: sorry dude, you don't meet the guidelines, by saying that you have a big cock dude when he open his Email saying that his UD Definition wasn't accepted: Dude! I have a massive cock! haters... ❋ Ufo-kid (2009)

The guidelines, restrictions, and mandates were an attempt at forcing people to behave a certain way. ❋ Solid Mantis (2020)

Man at an Empoyment Service interview desk: I'd really shaft this guy, because I have an attitude problem about his sort, but unfortunately I must follow the guidelines laid down, for idiots like me. ❋ Itsbarticusthe5th (2010)

"But your honor, they didn't review the Content Guidelines!" ❋ Apple Byter (2020)

"I agree to the community guidelines" ❋ Apple Byter (2020)

Tim: hmmm. should i accept Bleeding Ass Rape With Cut Sausage? UDgdygdy: No, Tim, Remember Guideline 7. Be a good editor. Tim: Lol, Fuck you, im addin this shit! ❋ Infadibulumj (2009)

Thank you for your post but since this is a thread that Violates the ************ Forum Community Guidelines we will be locking it. As stated under Rule (22.) Please do not discuss or post links to any topic that could violate the Terms Of Use. This includes ANY discussion of self-repair. Please only suggest official support procedures as noted on official support pages on ❋ HO Ho Mamusel (2021)

Publishing guidelines ❋ Jack In 480p (2022)

Why do community guidelines exist ❋ Dengplural (2019)

What does guidelines mean?

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