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A common practice of selling firearms in an informal setting without submitting the purchaser to a background check. Surprisingly, it is perfectly legal in most places for rifles and shotguns but handguns are usually prohibited (considering statistics, rifles and shotguns are used in a small percentage of crime). GMH makes purchasing old or used guns at shows or flea markets a breeze. However, you must always fill out paperwork to purchase new firearms from a dealer. Urban Dictionary

What you send for when the shit has hit the fan. Song by American songwriter Warren Zevon on his 1978 album "Excitable Boy." Urban Dictionary

In Reference to Baltimore, MD native Tom Clancy, and his petition to install a gun range in his 17,000 sqf penthouse apartment in the Ritz Carlton Residences in Baltimore's inner harbor. Urban Dictionary

7/16 hex drive milwaukee impact Urban Dictionary

A ripping skater's go-to trick. Also, that shit that shoots out money Urban Dictionary

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The word "gun-money" in example sentences

"You only lent your gun-money to Aunt Matilda's fund. ❋ Frank Richard Stockton (1868)

Gun Money Handshake: Guy: Wow, M1 Garands! How much for this one? Old Guy: $800 please. Guy: Here you go. Old Guy: Pleasure doing business. [Background check]: Guy: Cool, the new [Bushmaster] ACR! I'll take it! Dealer: Have a seat and fill out this paperwork, please.<15 mins>Dealer: That'll be $2,[715].34 with tax and $20 transfer fee. Guy: Dealer: Pleasure doing business. ❋ PinkPanzer (2011)

"I was [gambling] in [Havana], I took a little risk. Send Lawyers, Guns and Money, dad, [get me out] of this." ❋ RuthenianCynic (2007)

I was hanging at the club [the other night] with this guy, dude had [Gun Range money]!! He was buying drinks [for everybody]! ❋ Bubbles Barksdale (2011)

Fuck a [hydraulic] gun send me [up that] [money gun]. ❋ Two-blocked (2022)

I have [the money] [guns], [bitch]. ❋ ThePhelper (2019)

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