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Gusto may mean or refer to: Enthusiasm or energy Gusto!, an album by the punk rock group Guttermouth Gusto (producer), an American house music DJ/producer Gusto (software), a payroll and healthcare software provider Gusto (TV channel), Canadian TV channel Gusto (TV program), a Russian culinary entertainment television program that has aired on Channel One Russia since 1993 Two fictional characters in the film CB4 A fictional character in Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears Gusto Records, a record label Project Gusto, the CIA project to design an aircraft that resulted in the Convair Kingfish An advertising slogan used to describe Schlitz beer.

What does the word gusto mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word gusto in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with gusto and anagrams of gusto.

Definitions of "gusto"

  • Vigorous enjoyment; zest. See Synonyms at zest. noun
  • Individual taste. noun
  • Archaic Artistic style. noun
  • enthusiasm; enjoyment, vigor noun
  • Nice or keen appreciation or enjoyment; relish; taste; fancy. noun
  • Appreciative taste or enjoyment; keen relish; zest. noun
  • Artistic ‘style’ or ‘taste’: as, the grand gusto (It. il gran gusto), the grand style. noun
  • vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment noun

The word "gusto" in example sentences

And mucho gusto is used both at the beginning and at the end of conversations, just like in English.. [Sabroso vs. Rico - tocayo - Mucho gusto]

I think one of the reasons we omnivores light into vegetarians with such unseemly gusto is that we realize, deep down, that we’re on shakier ground than we’d care to admit.. [With Enemies Like These…]

Member; that sort distinguished from the wordsworthian or egotistical sublime, which is a thing per se and stands alone), it is not itself — it has no self — it is everything and nothing — It has no character — it enjoys light and shade; it lives in gusto, be it foul or fair, high or low, rich or poor, mean or elevated.. [Subjecticity (On Kant and the Texture of Romanticism)]

However, the curly parsley is back with gusto, which is fine with me because I love it, even though the flat kind is more trendy.. [Archive 2007-05-01]

However, we are stopping to applaud the kooky singer for keeping us entertained in the fashion-dormant month of August where little else happens except for pictures surfacing of celebrities as they sun themselves in the Hamptons/ Barbados/ Sir Philip Green's yacht as she embraced the houndstooth motif with what can only be described as "gusto".. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

Nick Clegg's pious assertion that cuts would be fair and compassionate was at odds with Cameron's gusto, which is familiar enough in Conservative rhetoric: Cameron confronting an overweening state, which will be shrunk so the private sector might flourish once more.. [Economist's View]

Hindi naman gaanong magkakalayo ang lasa, pero para saakin, ang pinaka gusto ko ay ang Cabernet. [TALK @ - The Online Home of the Pinoy Musician]

« Reply #4 on: September 03, 2009, 12: 25: 38 AM » trip na trip ko tong guitar .. baka gusto nyo i trade sa new guitar ko .. samick greg bennett interceptor ii30 ... [TALK @ - The Online Home of the Pinoy Musician]

"Pare, dalawang araw ka ng hinahanap baka gusto mong mag press conference (Buddy, they've been looking for you for two days, you may want to hold a press conference).". [Life in Gloria's Enchanted Kingdom]

Baka gusto mo Grass Roots Les Paul Custom Black Gold Hardwares?. [TALK @ - The Online Home of the Pinoy Musician]

Conant is a self-described introvert who reads and rereads management advice tomes with the kind of gusto with which millions of Americans read the gossip sheets.. [CEO Profile: Campbell exec nears 'extraordinary' goal]

Conservatives, by contrast, showed an infuriating hostility for Washington, nothing like the "gusto" brought to politics by Fairlie's beloved FDR.. [Reagan Was Wrong]

An event that's been advertised with the kind of gusto you'd expect for a monster truck rally.. [Domingo And Bocelli: Keeping Opera Relevant]

Do you believe the polling that suggests more Clinton supporters won't support Obama if he's a nominee with the same kind of gusto as Obama supporters seem to be willing to support Hillary Clinton if she is the nominee?. [CNN Transcript May 21, 2008]

BROOKE ANDERSON, CNN HEADLINE NEWS ANCHOR: A four-letter word for "gusto"?. [CNN Transcript Jan 30, 2006]

Openly now, he took up his abode in the BRUDERSTRASSE, where he spent the long, idle days stretched on the sofa, rolling cigarettes — in far greater numbers than he could smoke, and vacantly, yet with a kind of gusto, as if his fingers, so long accustomed to violent exercise, had a relish for the task.. [Maurice Guest]

Gusto Translates

TurkishGusto English to Turkish Translate
(i.) zevk alma; haz, şahsi istek; tatma; hususi stil.(i.) zevk alma; haz, şahsi istek; tatma; hususi stil.

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Me gustó un video de @YouTube Equestria Girls Princess - Twilight Sparkle and Friends Animation Collection


@Suy_10 @tacos_pm JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAA 😂😂😂 pues la verdad el gusto de decirle que me caga, kkk


Gusto ko lang naman ng kapayapaan na walang pahinga

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Gusto Word Data

  • Pronunciations(gŭsˈtō)
  • Character5
  • Hyphenation gus to


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