Character 4
Hyphenation half
Pronunciations /hɑːf/

Definitions and meanings of "Half"

What do we mean by half?

One of two equal parts that together constitute a whole. noun

One part approximately equal to the remaining part. noun

A 50-cent piece. noun

One of the two playing periods into which certain games are divided. noun

A halfback. noun

A school term; a semester. noun

Half an hour. noun

Being one of two equal parts. adjective

Being approximately a half. adjective

Partial or incomplete. adjective

To the extent of exactly or nearly 50 percent. adverb

Not completely or sufficiently; partly. adverb

(by half) By a considerable extent. idiom

(by half) By an excessive amount. idiom

(by halves) In a reluctant manner; unenthusiastically. idiom

(many/much) One-and-a-half times as much or as many; 50 percent more. idiom

(in half) Into halves. idiom

One of two usually roughly equal parts into which anything may be divided, or considered as divided.

Half of a standard measure; frequently used for half a pint of beer or cider.

(preceded by “a” or a number) The fraction obtained by dividing 1 by 2.

Part; side; behalf.

Any of the three terms at Eton College, for Michaelmas, Lent, and summer.

A half sibling.

A child ticket.

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The word "half" in example sentences

Yes Fr Guy's leaving his up until the Baptism of Our Lord..ours are half up..half down! ❋ Joanna Bogle (2008)

What say you, then, to the fact, that whilst the outer half is devoted to an advertisement of Mr Reprint's imitative publications, the _better half_ contains a bold and faithful warning against such piracy! ❋ Various (N/A)

At the end of the three and a half years (_half_ of the covenant time) he orders the Sacrifice to cease in the Temple at ❋ Sidney Watson (N/A)

'Only half so good, Mr. Kirke,' rejoined the black, showing a set of teeth which a dentist might have used for a door plate; 'only _half_ so good,' case I'se only half white. ❋ Various (N/A)

I mind one super-tunic she gave me, but half worn, "-- this was said impressively, for a garment only _half worn_ was considered a fit gift from one peeress to another --" of blue damask, all set with silver buttons, and broidered with ladies 'heads along the border. ❋ Emily Sarah Holt (1864)

Thus when we consider the unexplored basilar and interior regions, and that half of its exterior surface which was erroneously appropriated to the thirty-five organs, as well as the erroneous location of several, we perceive that _more than half_ of the organs and functions of the brain remained for investigation. ❋ Unknown (1856)

If I had a financial institute and was able to borrow £10 Billion from the B O E at a half% interest and then loaned half to another bank at say 5. 5% and the other half to Business customers at say 14% over a 12 month period how much profit would I make? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Half our heart is here, half there; our need and ache are severed from their help and answer; the tender blue waits far off for the eager, asking red; yet just as surely as His light shines on, and our life moves under it, so surely, across whatever gulf, the beauty shall all be one again; so surely does it even now move all together, perfect and close always under His eye, who never sends a _half_ ray anywhere. ❋ Unknown (1865)

The owners of the hackeries were expected to purchase bhoosa and other fodder for their bullocks at the market price; but they took what they required without payment, in _collusion with_ the officers under whom they were employed, or in _spite_ of them; and the Oude Government in 1845 cut the allowance down to seventeen rupees and half, out of which _three rupees and half_ are cut for perquisites, leaving fourteen rupees for the hackeries: and their owners and drivers have the free privilege of helping themselves to bhoosa and other fodder wherever they can find them. ❋ William Sleeman (1822)

And you'll let me have tea for them, -- just bread and butter and a bun, -- it will cost not half as much as my new dress this week, not _half_ as much -- " ❋ George Gissing (1880)

Pharmacopoeia "has been published in which the sal volatile is much increased in strength it is therefore necessary to lessen the sal volatile in the above prescription one half -- that is to say, a tea spoonful of the solution of _half_ a drachm to an ounce and a half of water.] ❋ Pye Henry Chavasse (1844)

"When, therefore, we purchase a Portuguese orange, we may say that we obtain it half gratuitously and half by the right of labor; in other words, at _half price_ compared to those of Paris. ❋ Fr��d��ric Bastiat (1825)

He is half dead already -- I only do _half _the work of tossing him over, so it will be only _quarter _murder on my part, and he would have shown no quarter on his. " ❋ Frederick Marryat (1820)

After half a moment's pause: "And I should have been very much surprised had either of my daughters, on receiving a proposal of marriage at any time which might carry with it only _half_ the eligibility of _this_, immediately and peremptorily, and without paying my opinion or my regard the compliment of any consultation, put a decided negative on it. ❋ Jane Austen (1796)

Just what we need someone who quits her term half way thru, hires a ghost writer to write her autobiography and is just milking the system for all its worth. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The story about Kenny Jarrett cutting receivers in half is true. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Having a sharp, professional-grade knife can cut your prep time in half, is safer to use, and will last you decades. ❋ Pooja R. Mottl (2010)

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