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Definitions of "hall"

  • A corridor or passageway in a building. noun
  • A large entrance room or vestibule in a building; a lobby. noun
  • noun
  • A building for public gatherings or entertainments. noun
  • The large room in which such events are held. noun
  • A building used for the meetings, entertainments, or living quarters of a fraternity, sorority, church, or other social or religious organization. noun
  • noun
  • A building belonging to a school, college, or university that provides classroom, dormitory, or dining facilities. noun
  • A large room in such a building. noun
  • The group of students using such a building. noun
  • A meal served in such a building. noun
  • The main house on a landed estate. noun
  • noun
  • The castle or house of a medieval monarch or noble. noun
  • The principal room in such a castle or house, used for dining, entertaining, and sleeping. noun
  • A building, or a large room or compartment in a building, devoted to some public or common use: in various special applications. See below. noun
  • Specifically — In medieval palaces and castles, the main room, often the only living-room. Besides the hall, in very early times, even in the greatest houses, there were only a few sleeping-rooms, and not always these. In such a hall the lord and his family, retainers, servants, and visitors were all accommodated, and all public and household affairs were carried on. Later rooms more retired were added, but throughout the feudal period the hall remained the common center of activity. Westminster Hall in London was originally a part of the royal palace, where all the common life of the royal court was conducted and the king dispensed justice. This great room continued to be the principal seat of justice in England till 1820. noun
  • Hence — In Great Britain: A manor-house; the proprietor's residence on a large landed estate: also to some extent an American use, especially in the South. noun
  • The public or common room of a manor-house, serving as a general meeting-and reception-room, and in which justices' courts were formerly held. A mercantile building or room for the sale of particular articles or goods on account of their owners or producers; a place of sale or of business for a trade or gild: as, a hardware hall; Goldsmiths' Hall or Stationers' Hall in London. noun

The word "hall" in example sentences

Xheir verfc £hall give you fame; but more, your own* immortal Wit (hall its great patron boaft,. [A select collection of poems; with notes, biographical and historical ..]

Down the hall is an intimate dining room where Michael Phelps enjoyed a bite after winning his first gold.. [Chicago puts on its Sunday best in bid to lure 2016 Games]

Across the hall is a veteran who shouts obscenities while he wonders who killed Vic, presumably a fellow soldier from the war.. [REVIEW: Infinity Plus - The Anthology edited by Keith Brooke and Nick Gevers]

Everything in the hall is amplified equally - not only performers, but candy wrappers, coughers, and rattling programs as well.. [Noises Off]

Everything in the hall is amplified equally - not only performers, but candy wrappers, coughers, and rattling programs as well.. [Archive 2006-10-01]

They had a press conference earlier today, and they have what they call their hall of shame, very high calorie kid's meals.. [CNN Transcript Aug 4, 2008]

As you said, this is what they call the hall of fame dinner here.. [CNN Transcript Jun 2, 2007]

In the upper right-hand corner of this hall is an office.. [CURP #]

He passed down the narrow little passage, which she called a hall, of the seven and sixpenny house which was his first home.. [The Prussian Officer and Other Stories]

BLITZER: And you also have in that book what you call a hall of fame of best soundbites ever.. [CNN Transcript Jan 13, 2002]

We had what we called hall monitors, safety patrols.. [Oral History Interview with Walter Durham, January 19 and 26, 2001. Interview K-0540. Southern Oral History Program Collection (#4007)]

-- Essentially, a hall is the place where the artist goes who has the brass, the arrogance, the necessary self certainty to stand on stage with just his bare face hanging out and dominate his audience.. [The Concert Hall as an Artistic Instrument]

On the left hand of the hall is the best drawing-room and within a smaller one.. [Jane Austen: Her Homes and Her Friends]

In the centre of this hall is a marble statue of George Washington, on the pedestal of which is this inscription: — The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of. [Richmond, Virginia]

On the other side of the hall is the room you thought so gloomy the night you first arrived; and this I would advise you to fit up partly as a library, and partly as a morning sitting-room.. [The Lady's Country Companion: or, How to Enjoy a Country Life Rationally]

That initiative, now in its second year, and of course Lang Lang and Dudamel -- makes it feel like this classic hall is throwing off its restraints.. [Patricia Zohn: CultureZohn: The Carnegie Hall Youthquake]

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